The #1 Parcel Solution - PackCity

Parcel Management Solutions for College and Universities

Parcel Lockers have become the preferred solution for businesses of all sizes to tackle the increase of incoming parcel packages.  

Intuitive Interface 

The easy-to-use interface enables you to track parcels and notify recipients of delivery in real-time. 

Reduced Labor

Parcel Locker requires less resource allocation for parcel distribution, pick-up, etc. 

Convenient AND Secure

Lockers are available for use 24/7 and study steel structure keeps parcels safe from weather conditions, theft, etc. 

"On average, UF’s parcel lockers receive 700 – 750 packages a day. The lockers have not only improved the student experience for those receiving packages, but it has also allowed UF to reallocate the time of student workers, who were once responsible for distribution, to other resident needs and activities."


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