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“Lineage has shown itself to be trustworthy and reliable. Using them for our needs is just a smart decision.” Mark DeVito, Director of Operations and Finance, Derek Prince Ministries
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There are few things as frustrating as returned mail. Wasted postage…wasted material…wasted opportunity to engage a customer or potential customer.  Yet, returns are still commonplace with many organizations. Not only that, but often those same organizations pay the highest possible postage or (penalty rate) when mailing. Attempts to mail at lower rates through the USPS are thwarted by postal rules, regulations and move update requirements. When sending a self-mailer, organizations often use staples, tape or labels, which are applied by hand. Many are forced to continue using expensive labels and slow address printers. Add to that the need to increase response rate, and what seems like a simple process has become quite complex.


Let Lineage help simplify. Our 33 years of experience helps organizations navigate the complex process of mailing at the most cost effective rate – while insuring that the mailing meets all USPS postal rules, regulations and move update requirements. Our address printer & software solutions insure that the pieces are efficiently addressed and that self-mailers are properly sealed. Finally, we help increase response rates while reducing returns. Simple.

How do we do it? Our consultative approach helps us to determine which address printer software or hardware solution is best to meet your organization’s needs. Our breadth of products range from desktop to production grade. And we have the experience and expertise to help you maximize your investment.

Tired of dealing with the frustrations of returns and lost productivity? Give us a call. Let us show you how we make the complex simple with address printers & software solutions. We provide services in many locations, including Lee’s Summit, MO.

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