Printing Solutions*

Control costs and simplify processes with our top-of-the-line printing solutions.

*Printers currently offered in our New York market only.


When did printing become so complex? Today, many companies struggle controlling costs related to printing. Employees print to devices in color when they should be printing in black and white. They print to a convenience machine when they should print to a production machine. Managing supplies to insure that employees have what they need without over buying or stocking obsolete toner are common struggles. Network security is a hot topic for all organizations, and document security is right on its heels. Finally, the pursuit of New York printing solutions to increase revenue at the most cost effective price is a common theme.


Our Printing Solutions Lineup (Offered only in New York State Region)

If only there was a company who understands these challenges and wields the solutions to turn weakness to strength. There is. And we’ve been doing it for over 33 years! Lineage simply develops game plans that insure that the right people print the right documents to the most cost effective New York printing solution with laser printers, that employees have the necessary supplies when they need them at lower cost structures, that network security is strictly maintained to reduce risk, that document security and confidentiality is uncompromised and that organizations generate more revenue opportunities. Whew!

Our game plans are built on our consultative approach to determine the right course of action and to remove the complexity. While some suppliers are only able to use hardware to solve your business challenges, we use a variety of approaches – hardware, software and outsourcing. Sometimes just a single option will solve a problem while others require a more comprehensive solution. The key is discerning the best combination for the challenge at hand.

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