Delivering mail efficiently and at the lowest cost is not as easy as it seems. USPS may pick up mail earlier in the day, resulting in additional trips to the local post office or a USPS mailbox to guarantee mail is sent same day. Additionally, returned mail has become an expensive problem for many organizations and most prefer mail is delivered as addressed.

Lineage has been selling and servicing mail solutions to organizations for over 33 years. In 2013, we began offering outsourced mail presorting and organization services directly to customers. We are now processing, presorting, and organizing over 30 million pieces of outsourced mail annually through our world class facility located in Lenexa, Kansas. Our fleet of vehicles pick up mail and consolidate with surrounding business mail – providing organizations the lowest cost for postage and eliminating runs to the post office. As outsourced mail is presorted and organized, addresses are verified and checked for accuracy to reduce the number of returns.  If errors are found, we make corrections, return the mail to your organization for special handling or send the mail out as addressed. Mail is then inducted directly into the USPS processing plant insuring the most efficient delivery. Seamless, efficient, cost effective. Our team serves clients all over Missouri and Kansas, including in Topeka.

Call us to give us a try. Find out how our mail presorting and organization approach will make a difference for you.