What if you
need more than
just a product?

It’s so easy to buy a product these days. All the research you need is at your fingertips – assuming those tips are on the keyboard. We have all become educated buyers, and there is help at every turn in our quest for just the right product. But, what if what you need is not just a product? What if you need a true solution to the challenges you face every day? At Lineage, our approach in the document management/print & mail service market is a little different. Part of it is what we do. More of it is how we do it.


What We Do – Simply put, we help you make the decision that is best for you. Period. We sell document management solutions, as well as mail and ship services, among other products. But that is not our sole focus. Often the solution is not just a product. That’s why we offer so many outsourced services too. And it’s why our reps are true problem solvers – not product peddlers. Finding the right mix of equipment, services and recommendations of workflow changes is what we do and do well. Our equipment and outsourced services cover these critical workflow areas:

How We Do It – While the above is a robust list of workflow solutions, it’s not the story. At least, not all of it. A big part of what makes Lineage a trusted partner to so many is how we do it. Really, it’s what makes us tick…what’s important to us.

The Important Things

Companies come and go. Hemlines and hairstyles rise and fall. But, at Lineage, we don’t pay much attention to any of it. We’re patiently and quietly building a company that will sustain generations of clients and employees. And when you look at things this way, it’s easy to see that the most important things never change: family, pride in your work, keeping your word, taking care of your customers as if they were family. That’s why we say, The Important Things Never Change.

Our CommitmentWe come through for our customers. We come through for each other. Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night, nor a heavy workload, nor even a really, really bad cold will stop us from the swift completion of our mission. We come through. Looking for a business partner that consistently comes through for you? Find out why for us and our clients…the important things never change.