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Your Trusted Partner In Solving Complex Customer Communication Challenges For The Present And Future

Our aim is to put the custom in customer communication management through hybrid workflow solutions that achieve transformative results in the digital age.
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Mail looks a little different these days, and we drive strategies that reflect that.

At Lineage, we understand the new-age approaches that propel business forward, supporting workflows for inbound, outbound, physical, digital, letter, and parcel management needs.

Our specialized divisions Lineage Accelerate for document handling, Lineage Optimize for printing, and Lineage Connect for outsourcing empower businesses to thrive in sectors such as financial services, healthcare, government, insurance, legal, and more. Explore how we improve productivity and streamline operations across industries.

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While we focus on businesses like these, our expertise extends beyond the sectors listed here. Send us a message to see what our solutions would look like in your business!