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Mailing Problems Are Bigger Than Most People Think


Sending out mass mail can mean mass issues for many businesses.

Your business, like many others, may not have the equipment, time, or other resources to send out a lot of mail efficiently. It can be costing you a lot of money, and your team has to focus on this instead of growing your business. Reaching your goals is challenging when a part of your business is slowing you down.

In-house high volume mailing can waste money in labor and postage, take up precious time from more profitable revenue streams, and cause inefficiencies in your internal mailing processes. In other words, mailing problems are costly problems.

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How Lineage Connect’s Mailing Service Can Help

Businesses like yours avoid mailing and deliverability problems by using Lineage Connect's outsourced mailing service.

You won’t have to worry about:

Processing mass mailing with a shortage of labor or equipment
Finding the most cost-effective solution for your high-volume mailing job
Unnecessary expenses associated with sending out your mail yourself
By outsourcing your mail, you can reduce labor and postage costs, avoid the hassle of manually processing large amounts of mail, and save money by benefitting from discounts Lineage Connect gets by partnering with the post office.

Does Your Business Also Face Problems Like These?

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Unnecessary Labor Expenses
Processing and delivering your mailing jobs requires manpower that could be devoted somewhere else important in your business
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Timeliness Of Mail Delivery
Mail with sensitive information must get to the customer in a certain timeframe, and producing it in-house takes longer than you think
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Unnecessary Mailing Expenses
Spending money on mailing materials, equipment, and postage adds up in expenses that could be routed to more profitable areas
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Stress About Your Mailing Workload
When high-volume mailing jobs build up, they can quickly become overwhelming and lead to undue stress and pressure

What You’ll Get With Your Outsourced Mailing Solution

You can solve your mass mailing issues in the greater Kansas City area by using our comprehensive mailing services, such as:
Friendly Mail Man
Mail Pickup
Our fleet of vehicles is at your disposal! We happily pick up your mail, place it in sorting trays, and deliver it to USPS for processing.
Interior Mail Room
Mail Processing
We process mail daily at the lowest possible cost, so you can use that money to grow your business. Some of our clients save thousands of dollars a month in savings!
Mail Truck
USPS Delivery
We will directly deliver your mail to the USPS post office for processing, guaranteeing the most cost-efficient delivery.

Why Use Lineage Connect?

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Steeped In Experience
30+ years of industry experience and facility infrastructure to meet HIPAA and essential security and compliance requirements
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National Coverage
Complete outsourcing functionality across the US for our print-to-mail solutions
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Equipped From Start To Finish
Systems, equipment, and storage capabilities to transform your mail from creation to distribution, no matter the size of the job
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Value Passed Back To You
Ability to share exclusive mailing discounts via our workshare partnership with the post office

How Lineage Connect Works

Our streamlined process can expertly and efficiently handle any amount of mail your business needs to send. Here’s a basic three-step process for outsourcing your mailing needs:
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Contact Us
After reaching out, you will be contacted by a sales professional to schedule your strategy session. All of our sales representatives are trained to see your business needs as a whole. During your strategy session you can expect to identify core issues so that they can provide comprehensive solutions to help you grow and optimize your business.
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Process And Implement Your Solution
We put together and present a business review plan with solutions that fit your business case. From there, we work through your specific outsourced mailing solution together based on your business needs, budget, and overall goals. Then, whether it’s ensuring data quality and security, producing business-critical documents for distribution, or exploring cross-selling opportunities, we help set your business up for success.
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Enjoy The Advantages Of Stress-Free Outsourced Mailing
Between the peace of mind of having an expert mailing partner that operates out of a secure facility, to saving money via our workshare discounts with the post office, to worrying less about managing your mail at volume and cost - there are a wide range of benefits for you and your business when you work with Lineage Connect.

Clients We’ve Partnered With

Since 1984, 15,000+ businesses have chosen to work and still work with us. Here are just a handful of them:
BNSF Railway
New Directions
Johnson County
Sun Life
Wyandotte County
Children's Mercy Kansas City
Carson Dellosa
Quest Healthcare
Platte County

Why Businesses Like Yours Love Working With Us


“It’s worked wonderfully, and I would recommend other companies inquire with Lineage should they be in search of an outsourcing solution.”
Susan Powell, Carson-Dellosa Education, Greensboro, NC

“Working with Lineage to process our mail has been seamless. They are responsive and professional to work with since we started with them over a year ago. We are very happy!”
Kim Bronder, MAX Insurance Agency, Overland Park, KS

“I feel like we have a business partner. I’ve appreciated most working as a team throughout all phases of the process.”
David Henry, Sun Life Kansas City, Kansas City, MO

    What else can Lineage Connect help you with?

    Need to refresh your customer communications? We’ve got your back in adding color, graphics, or a redesign to give your mailing communications a fresh look for your customers. Interested in saving on postage? Partner with us to reduce your postage and find savings in your business bank account that you didn’t know you could!

    We can’t wait to hear from you to see how we can help you improve and enhance your business’s critical communication systems.