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The Heartbeat Of Our Caring Culture

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“One thing I love about the people I work with is that they have huge hearts for helping others. I would often, and still do, hear of the great things our employees were doing in their communities, and I thought – why shouldn’t we come alongside them in their efforts?”
- Richard Williams, Linage President / CEO

The Lineage Foundation was born under our higher calling to care, give to, and invest in those around us. It fulfills our company values of integrity and compassion. It is an opportunity for our employees to willingly and freely offer their time, talent, and resources in the warm and loving pursuit of giving when others need it more.

The Lineage Foundation is funded with company profits, and, since its founding, has successfully fulfilled its mission each year to serve local, national, and international mission projects.

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How The Lineage Foundation Gives Back

Funded By Company Profits For The Well-Being Of Others
The Lineage Foundation serves local, national, and international mission projects. We use our financial resources to support nonprofits so they can help members of communities around the world.
A Team That Cares
Lineage gives our team members “Called To Serve” days. They can use these days to give back to their communities in meaningful ways.
"We recognize how much we have been blessed, and we want to be a blessing to others."
– Richard Williams, Lineage President/CEO

You Can Help Support Others, Too

Here are just a few of the organizations that we support on an ongoing and regular basis. Learn about them below, and, if your heart feels compelled, we encourage you to contribute a monetary donation. We also support a variety of organizations on a rotating basis – ask us about ones that could use volunteer efforts anytime.
All Things Possible Medical Fundraising
Lisa Sexton, the founder and director of All Things Possible, spent an entire month of 2010 in the hospital battling a rare autoimmune liver disease. While she survived this battle, she quickly faced another - medical bills. God used this situation and Lisa’s incredible fighting spirit to have her form All Things Possible. This nonprofit helps wheelchair users find safe and affordable mobility solutions.
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Hoskins Park Ministries
Hoskins Park Ministries
This Christian ministry focuses on helping disadvantaged and homeless men get the fighting chance they need to restore their lives. They provide transitional housing facilities, clothing, food and other necessary items. The goal is to help these men find stability in God so they can live happy and fulfilling lives.
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The Herrera Family
The Herrera Family
Eduardo lives in a small village near Belize. He picked up wood carving as a means to support his family with food, water, and other basic needs. You can help him support his family by purchasing one of his beautiful and unique carvings.
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