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What Is Paper Finishing Equipment?

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Paper finishing equipment helps put the final touches on paper, whether that’s cutting, folding, or other. It can include a paper cutting machine, paper folding machine, and paper jogging machine.

Machines like these can make an essential component in a larger document management process. For example, if you have a start-to-finish mailing process in-house, a paper cutting machine can ideally cut a promotional insert that you can easily fit into any standard envelope. Or, if you have mismatched envelopes and paper sizes, you can edit the paper to fit the envelope size that you have and save money on purchasing additional materials.

Paper finishing machines are used as an advantageous step in document and mail creation because they make manual, minute tasks much easier and more efficient.

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Paper Finishing Equipment Might Be What Your Business Needs

Paper finishers are best for your NY, NC, AR, or KS business if you need to...
Increase Productivity
Your team can focus on helping other areas of your business grow and develop instead of doing menial labor
Save Money
Automating these tasks will allow you to put more money into the parts of your business that bring in money
Reduce Errors
Put a stop to inaccurate paper cutting, imprecise or incorrect paper folding, and paper jams that slow your business down and waste material
Lessen Jams And Misfeeds
Equipment like paper jogger machines will remove slow-downs and stops in your workflow from frustrating setbacks like printer jams and misfeeds

Your Paper Finishing Equipment Selection

Paper Cutting Machines
Paper cutting machines are able to cut large-volume stacks of paper to whichever dimensions you need. They can cut through a variety of paper weights and types.
Paper Folding Machines
Paper folding machines can automatically and accurately fold documents into several styles, such as single, double, half accordion, letter, accordion, and gate. Many of these machines come with pre-programmed adjustments so that you don’t have to guess the correct specifications.
Paper Jogger Machines
Paper jogging machines eliminate the static and stickiness of stacks of paper to make alignment easier. They make great companions for additional paper finishing equipment, such as high-speed printers and envelope inserting machines.
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Paper Finishing Equipment Features That Boost Productivity

Take advantage of these paper finishing equipment features and give your business the ability to break its current glass ceiling:
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Input your desired settings and let the machine edit the style of the document to a pristine level of accuracy
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Multiple Folding Techniques
Set the proper paper fold for the document type and achieve a more professional look with a high-quality paper folder
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Tidy Stacks Of Documents
By organizing the paper first with a paper jogger, you can prevent misfeeding and jam delays at a later point in the process

How You Can Get Lineage’s Paper Finishing Equipment

Our paper finishing equipment can take care of your basic paper finishing needs. Here’s a basic three-step process for how you can get them for your business:
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Contact Us
After reaching out, you will be contacted by a sales professional to schedule a strategy session on your business’s paper finishing needs. All of our sales representatives are trained to see your business needs as a whole. During your strategy session you can expect to identify core issues so that they can provide comprehensive solutions to help you grow and optimize your business.
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Process And Implement Your Paper Finishing Solution
We put together and present a business review plan with the solutions that would fit your business case. From there, we work through your specific paper finishing solution together based on your business needs, budget, and overall goals. Then, whether it’s installing the equipment, training you on the software, or consulting your business operations, we help set your business up for success.
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Enjoy The Perks of Your Paper Finishing Equipment
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business’s paper finishing machine maximizes your productivity so your business can grow. Your business can save time, money, and headaches while you give your customers the high-class experience they expect.

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