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Organizations constantly search for operational areas that are candidates for increasing productivity and realizing efficiencies while lowering costs. Paper finishing is one such area that can accomplish all three. Finding the right finishing solution can significantly impact (even eliminate) the challenges associated with manual processes of folding documents, cutting paper and jogging paper to prepare it to be loaded into another finishing device – all of which are time consuming and tedious.


But just as implementing the right solution can have a significant impact, a poorly chosen or implemented one can decrease time and financial savings. Choosing the right partner is a significant part of the decision. Lineage has 33 years of experience in recommending the right technology for finishing documents, including industrial & electronic paper cutters, folding machines, and joggers. Our folding machines insure that paper is folded quickly and accurately, industrial & electronic paper cutter devices produce accurate, efficient cutting with operator safety and our jogging solutions reduce the misfeeds and jams on other finishing machines.

Our consultative approach helps us to determine which solution is right for your company. We offer a diversified line of industrial & electronic paper cutters, folding machines, and paper joggers to insure we have the most cost effective solution. Our goal is simply to help your organization complete your finishing jobs more accurately and efficiently – in a timely manner. After all, time is money!

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