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– Brian Smith, Vice President of Operations, Trinity Road
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Organizations today face many challenges related to shipping and receiving strategies. Competitive pressures drive the need to ship small packages, LTL and freight at the best possible rate while still meeting customer deadlines. Customers are demanding real time information before even placing the order. And after placing the order, they need real time tracking for delivery. On the backend, there is a need for shipping information to automatically integrate with the organization’s ERP/CRM/WMS software platforms. From there, those same organizations often struggle with billing their customers faster to improve their cash flow. And did we mention the need to route incoming packages to the correct recipient in a timely manner to avoid down time, missed deadlines and loss of business?


There is experience and expertise required to solve these challenges. Introducing Lineage. We’ve been solving shipping and receiving problems for over 33 years. Our shipping software solutions range from small office/corporate shipping and receiving systems to large, enterprise warehouse operations. We empower our clients to ship at the best possible rate while maintaining time in transit goals, to receive real time freight cost and tracking information, to close the loop by sending all required information back to their ERP/CRM/WMS systems, to effectively use package tracking software to track transit and receipt of all packages real time and to manage exceptions to reduce down time, eliminate compromising deadlines and secure business relationships. How do we do it? Our consultative approach determines our course of action. What’s in it for you? While many companies offer shipping software solutions for one aspect of shipping and receiving requirements, Lineage has the experience and a diversified solution portfolio to address all of your organizational needs with package tracking software. By adopting the ideal shipping and receiving strategy, you can gain a competitive advantage and provide outstanding customer experience.

Learn how our package tracking software can provide a shipping solution. Call us to schedule a no cost assessment and find out how our process can make a difference for you.

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