What if you
need more than
just a product?

When it comes to practical document management solutions and services in Belton, MO, look no further than the experts at Lineage. Delivering documents used to involve simply getting your documents into the mail. These days, customers expect multi-channel communications such as opting in to electronic delivery only, or even electronic delivery of specific kinds of communication, but physical delivery of others. Add in the need to stand out with multiple colors, multiple paper types, and inserts of all kinds, document management quickly becomes complicated.

Fortunately, Lineage offers numerous state-of-the-art document management software systems to fit your needs. The key to a dependable document management system is marrying the right product with the right services. This is where Lineage excels. Since 1984, we have been serving businesses in Belton, MO with document management services and solutions, including mailing, filing, printing, and shipping and receiving. Our reps are true problem solvers. Providing the right mix of equipment, services, and workflow recommendations is what we do best.


We combine our 38 years of experience with a consultative approach to determine which document management software system or outsourcing solution best meets your organization’s needs. Your system must ensure each document sent communicates clearly with existing or potential customers without wasting time or money on sending documents to the wrong people. The document management solutions and services offered by our Belton, MO team can clean up any addressing issues in advance, flag any issues before sending, and then send documents either digitally, physically, or both. For physical delivery, your system needs to process mail at the lowest possible rate to avoid wasting money.

This process may sound complicated, but with the right solution for your business, document management is simplified. Some options are browser based, allowing anyone to handle processing document flow from their own desk, while still centralizing all of the operations in a single system. Contact us today to explore document management solutions for your Belton, MO, business!