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Adaptation, efficiency, and enduring partnerships in mailing operations
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Post Modified: September 18th, 2023


The Chautauqua Institution goes from hand-stuffed to high-tech, embracing modern mailing solutions to improve efficiency, mitigate costs and expand reach.
Located on Chautauqua Lake in southwestern New York State, the Chautauqua Institution is a not-for-profit education center and summer resort for adults and youth. Over 8,000 students enroll annually in Chautauqua Summer School courses, including art, music, dance, theater, writing, and other special interests. More than 7,500 individuals reside at the Institution on any day during a nine-week season, and more than 100,000 attend scheduled public events. 
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“When you do have to think about it because of a repair or something like that, it’s taken care of quickly, easily, and completely.”
Jim Freay, Office Services and Equipment Administrator, Chautauqua Institution

The Problem

The Chautauqua Institution community is a large one, and the Institution’s offerings are vast. That means keeping the public informed of the Institution’s events and offerings is an immense operation.

Jim Freay, Office Services and Equipment Administrator at Chautauqua, and his small team regularly mail out letters, invitations, announcements, programs, brochures, fundraising campaign mailers, and other pieces to interested parties across the Northeast United States.

When Freay began to notice his mailroom equipment becoming less and less dependable (and his service reps checking in less and less frequently), he knew it was time for a change. The Institution’s work continued to grow, and he needed an operation that could keep up with demand.

“When I first came into this position, we were still having people come in to hand-stuff envelopes and put address labels on,” said Freay. “With the volume of material we send out, it was taking five people a week just to prep a single project. It just wasn’t working.”

The Solution

Research and recommendations led Freay to Lineage Accelerate.

Freay discovered Lineage Accelerate and spoke with Sales Professional Mike Jaworski. The Lineage Accelerate team spent time ascertaining the exact needs and requirements of Freay’s position, then suggested a mix of equipment to offer one comprehensive solution. The solution was designed to speed up mail sorting and preparation time by directly printing each piece of mail, ensuring address accuracy, and using advantageous postal discounts.

The goal was more than just updating their outdated equipment. The Lineage Accelerate consultative approach meant a customized solution for the entire workflow process.

The Chautauqua Institution’s solution included:

“We were able to implement a number of our products in our effort to solve Jim’s challenge,” said Jaworski. “It’s been just the right mix.”


System Spotlight

Quadient IS-6000

The Quadient IS-6000 postage meter mailing system is a user-friendly, web-enabled solution for efficient mail handling. With a large full-color touch screen and direct internet access to a suite of services, it ensures precise postage for your letters, parcels, and communications. It's powered by 100% clean energy, reduces costs, and processes up to 300 letters per minute for hassle-free business communication.

The Results

Freay's operation at the Chautauqua Institution no longer needs extra people to come in to ensure timely labeling and mail delivery – no matter the project’s dimensions or contents.

The Lineage Accelerate solution provides expediency and efficiency in sharing the Institution’s materials, resulting in consistent satisfaction for their growing crowds, continued financial success, and a smooth operation for Freay and his team.

When asked if the new equipment made a difference, Freay said, “Actually, it’s been phenomenal. It’s so nice when something that is a part of your daily work is such a no-brainer that you don’t really have to think about it. And when you do have to think about it because of a repair or something like that, it’s taken care of quickly, easily, and completely. That kind of attention to detail is extremely valuable to me and my organization.”

Chautauqua Institution child education classes
“It's been phenomenal... That kind of attention to detail is extremely valuable to me and my organization."


Jim Freay has partnered with Lineage for almost a decade now, and has been especially pleased with the equipment’s reliability and the team behind it.

With a 10 year commitment under their belt, Freay said he appreciates Lineage Accelerate’s understanding of his responsibilities and their attention to building long-lasting relationships. That type of earnestness—integral to the Institution’s success through the years—is lived daily by Lineage.

“At Lineage, we deliver first-rate service – and always in an exceptional timeframe,” added Lineage’s Paul Klein, Regional Sales Director. “Our goal is to get to you within four hours. We try to be personal, prompt, and professional.”

For Jim Freay, there’s a lot to be said for a strong, steady relationship and the reliability that comes with that. He can now use machines that work – and that means productivity. And productivity – that means more than just mailings.

By enhancing productivity, Lineage’s commitment to tailored solutions and enduring relationships empowers the Chautauqua Institution’s mission, year after year.