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Printing with purpose, mailing a mission
Case Study: Printing & Mailing Solutions
Industry: Non-Profit & Membership Organizations
Presented By: Lineage Accelerate
Post Modified: September 14th, 2023


Derek Prince Ministries cost-effectively improved quality, speed, and personal touch with modern printing and mailing solutions.
Derek Prince Ministries is a trusted source of Bible teaching, serving countries from Australia to China to Norway to right here in the United States. In addition to its U.S. headquarters in Charlotte, NC, there are more than 45 Derek Prince offices worldwide. An essential part of the ministry includes reaching out to people with books, articles, media and other communications.
Derek Prince Ministries hand written letters
“Over the years, Lineage has shown itself to be trustworthy and reliable. Using them for our needs is just a smart decision.”
Mark DeVito, Director of Operations and Finance, Derek Prince Ministries

The Problem

Every month, Derek Prince Ministries sends more than 24,000 pieces of mail to those already in the fold and those who have expressed a passion for learning more about the organization’s mission.

Mailed items include partner letters, book slips, outreach opportunities, and more. 

Unfortunately, Derek Prince Ministries was using an older printing technology that presented a host of problems: it could not effectively duplicate the needed colors for their publications, it frequently jammed, and they could not use it to run their full range of envelopes. Perhaps they could outsource the more complex jobs? Sadly, no: outsourcing would prove cost-prohibitive.

The ministry understood that custom letters and other “personal touches'' often elicit the best responses from members and other interested parties. For example, personalizing an item or message for an individual, or providing donation ranges that reflect what they gave in the past, typically goes a long way toward generating support. Using an outside bulk mailing house for this kind of personalization was not possible at a cost-effective rate. All mail prep had to stay in-house.

The Solution

In 2007, company veteran, Mark DeVito, Director of Operations and Finance, performed a cost-benefit analysis looking for ways to drive mailing production and keep down costs.

Back then, DeVito found their solution with Lineage – specifically, an IJ75 mailing machine and an SI76 folder inserter. After that successful experience, he knew he could rely on Lineage to tackle their newer challenges.

“One of the things that drew me to Lineage was owner Richard Williams’ perspective on doing business with honesty, professionalism, and forthrightness,” said DeVito. “Over the years, Lineage has shown itself to be trustworthy and reliable. Using them for our needs is just a smart decision.”

To tackle their new printing challenges, Lineage Accelerate supplied Derek Prince Ministries with a Rena Mach 5, designed to print edge-to-edge on media up to 8.5 inches wide with a maximum thickness of .5 mm. This offered significantly better print quality and color capability.

To help with mailing assembly, they also received a Quadient (then called Neopost) DS200 folder inserter, the ultimate production tabletop machine for their inserting needs, including improved three-way matching capabilities. This meant it could reliably collect multi-sized documents for fast, custom, individual insertion into a single larger envelope for delivery, which was essential for their personalized mailings strategy.

ds 200 folder inserter featured equipment

System Spotlight

Quadient DS-200 Folder/Inserter

The DS-200 is a versatile mailing system designed for a wide range of applications, featuring automated setup and robust scanning capabilities. It's an ideal choice for businesses with high-volume mail needs seeking flexibility and efficiency.

The Results

Lineage Accelerate brought better print quality with enhanced color capability along with the personal touch of three-way matches.

“The older piece of equipment we had did about 1,500 pieces of mail an hour. This one, at top speed, will easily do about 4,000 an hour,” said Mike Rohrbach, a Derek Prince “jack-of-all-trades” associate who uses the machines on a regular basis. “It’s faster, delivers high quality and is reliable. That’s Lineage. They always deliver solutions that work.”

When asked about his experience working with Lineage, Rohrbach emphasized, “I’d recommend them to anyone, absolutely. They’re some of the best people we’ve ever dealt with as far as service goes. They’re always easy to work with, and they let you know everything that’s going on. Communication, execution, commitment. We appreciate all of it.”

Derek Prince Ministries personalizing boxes
That’s Lineage. They always deliver solutions that work.


For DeVito, working with Lineage to ensure Derek Prince Ministries has the right equipment at the right time is an easy decision.

“I always feel we have their utmost attention to detail,” he said. “We are always treated properly and feel as though we’re being taken care of completely. Believe me, that’s not a feeling that just any company can provide.”

Distributing resources to people in over 140 countries, Derek Prince Ministries understands the value of service. Paying close, personal attention to the smallest details makes a difference.