Evergreen Health

Evergreen Health first opened its doors in 1983 as AIDS Community Services. Its mission: to help those touched by the crisis generated by HIV/AIDS and other sexually related infections in Western New York.


It had a small staff, occupied one building, and used a single copier. If any organization knows that change and growth are powerful things, it’s Evergreen.

Over the last 35-plus years, advancements in medications (such as AZT) have helped patients live longer. When the CDC downgraded HIV to a manageable disease like heart disease or diabetes, there came a change in patients’ needs, too. “They need case management services, nutrition services, and even help navigating the social services system,” said Gary Williams, Evergreen’s associate vice president of facilities. “We have those services available.”

Letting people know about those services is vital. Evergreen would be given lists by the New York State Health Department with individuals’ last known address and contact information. Along with those lists came a simple directive: find these people.

Today, the company has five buildings – along with the staff and services to match.

Evergreen’s commitment is total. As part of that, strict adherence to HIPAA privacy rules is key. The company wanted to ensure that as they expanded, they would be able to protect their patients’ confidential private health information (PHI).


“They understand our business, and they’re always there to deliver the solutions we need.”
– Gary Williams, Associate VP of Facilities, Evergreen Health


Lineage’s Chuck Sharman has worked with Gary Williams and Evergreen for more than 20 years. He has seen the company’s footprint grow in the area along with its influence. That multi-decade relationship, along with industry expertise, drove him to think about a holistic solution.

“We’ve taken them to the point where their fleet has gone from that single copier in 1983 to two dozen multifunctional devices,” said Sharman.
They boast:

“We also recently introduced them to software called ‘Papercut,’ which allows Evergreen to track all of its users,” added Sharman. “Individual users have ID cards and every piece of equipment – every copier, every printer, every multifunctional device and actually every door in the facility – requires the swiping of this ID card to be able to be used. It’s been a great way to ensure PHI.”

Evergreen also enjoys using BizHub Secure software, which protects the integrity of their hard drives.


“We provide essential services for a specific community here in the area, and its work we’re extremely proud of,” said Williams. “I’ve worked with Lineage for a long time, and I appreciate the loyalty they’ve shown to me and our organization. They understand our business, and they’re always there to deliver the solutions we need. As we get larger and offer more to our population, I know that Lineage will be there to respond in kind. That’s comforting.”

Growth means positive change. Over the years, Lineage has become a go-to partner for Evergreen for their print and mail solutions. Two sides of the same company come together to deliver the planning, products and professionalism that allow Evergreen to utilize cutting-edge technology. That, in turn, lets Evergreen continue to deliver for those who need their seasoned guidance and abundant resources.