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Evergreen Health

Transforming healthcare operations - from confidential patient records to streamlined efficiency
Industry: Healthcare & Medical
Presented By: Lineage Optimize & Lineage Accelerate
Post Modified: November 9th, 2023


Evergreen Health, originally established in 1983 as AIDS Community Services, has evolved over the years to become a comprehensive healthcare provider in Western New York.
Committed to supporting those affected by HIV/AIDS and related infections, Evergreen has grown to five buildings, offering a range of essential services. As they expanded, the challenge arose of safeguarding patient privacy and adhering to HIPAA regulations.
evergreen health case study
“They understand our business, and they’re always there to deliver the solutions we need.”
Gary Williams, Associate VP of Facilities, Evergreen Health

The Problem

With advancements in medical treatments and a shift in the perception of HIV as a manageable disease, Evergreen faced new challenges.
The demand for case management, nutrition services, and assistance in navigating social services grew. To reach patients, Evergreen received lists from the New York State Health Department, prompting the need for an efficient way to locate and engage individuals while ensuring the confidentiality of their private health information (PHI).

The Solution

Lineage Optimize proposed a holistic solution.

Transitioning from a single copier to a fleet of two dozen multifunctional devices, including Konica Minolta printing systems like C3850, C558, and C3851, Lineage also introduced innovative print management software to aid in collaborative workflow creation. This software enabled comprehensive user tracking through ID cards, ensuring secure access to all equipment and facilities.

Moreover, to accelerate Evergreen Health's mailing operations while ensuring compliance, accuracy, and efficient online management, Lineage Optimize worked with Lineage Accelerate to implement the iX-5 series mailing system by Quadient. This advanced mailing solution seamlessly integrated with their existing infrastructure, providing a streamlined approach to mail processing.

Additionally, Evergreen implemented BizHub Secure software to protect the integrity of their hard drives, ensuring a comprehensive and secure solution for both printing and mailing needs. The combined efforts of these technologies not only met HIPAA compliance standards but also improved operational efficiency, marking a transformative phase for Evergreen Health.

konica minolta C3850 MFP

System Spotlight

Konica Minolta Multifunction Color Printer

The Konica Minolta bizhub 3850 was integral to improving the patient engagement and security of documents at Evergreen Health. With its advanced scan capture functionality, intuitive 7” touchscreen, and customizable controls streamline information flow, you can have peace of mind when handling your documents. Compact design, compatibility, and mobile printing technologies allow this printer to deliver unmatched efficiency. Additionally, it prioritizes environmental sustainability. Experience a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design for optimal performance.

The Results

The implementation of Lineage Optimize's printing systems and software solutions marked a new era for Evergreen Health.

With enhanced security measures in place, the organization successfully navigated the expansion while safeguarding PHI. The integration of printing systems, print management software, mailing systems, and document security software not only met HIPAA compliance standards but also elevated operations as a whole. Evergreen now operates seamlessly, providing essential services to the community with the confidence that patient information remains confidential and secure.

​​“We provide essential services for a specific community here in the area, and its work we’re extremely proud of,” said Gary Williams, Associate Vice President of Facilities at Evergreen Health. “I’ve worked with Lineage for a long time, and I appreciate the loyalty they’ve shown to me and our organization. They understand our business, and they’re always there to deliver the solutions we need. As we get larger and offer more to our population, I know that Lineage will be there to respond in kind. That’s comforting.”

evergreen health case study
As we get larger and offer more to our population, I know that Lineage will be there to respond in kind.


Williams expresses gratitude for Lineage Optimize's unwavering support over the years.
As Evergreen continues to grow and extend its services, the partnership with Lineage Optimize ensures responsive solutions and modern technology. The collaborative efforts contribute to the ongoing success of Evergreen in delivering vital healthcare services to the community while maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security.
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