Hoskins Park

December 13, 2017
Hoskins Park

During the summer of 2017, Richard Williams, president of Lineage, alongside service manager and service tech, Allen Williams and Karl Clark, helped paint homes at Hoskins Park in Charlotte, NC.

Hoskins Park Ministries (HPM) is a Christian ministry that seek to share the love of Christ with disadvantaged and homeless individuals by providing transitional housing facilities, clothing, food and other necessary items. The purpose of HPM is to help men who have been living on the street, or are near homelessness, to get back on their feet as independent God-fearing men by experiencing grace through Jesus Christ (Hoskins Park, 2017). Doing so, allows us to adhere to the call of the Bible, “for Christians to make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).

Currently, Hoskins Park Ministries consists of 7 houses in northwest Charlotte, all within one block of each other and accommodate 34 previously homeless men. The men are required to pay rent, be employed, live drug free and attend bible study and church services.

Our employees were grateful of the opportunity to be stewards of Christ through volunteering and providing assistance where needed.