Kansas City Life Insurance

Kansas City Life Insurance

Simplifying high-volume mail processing with innovative solutions and dedicated support
Case Study: Mailing Systems
Industry: Insurance
Presented By: Lineage Accelerate
Post Modified: October 26th, 2023


Kansas City Life Insurance, a well-established company since 1895, serves more than 500,000 clients across the United States.
With a strong team of over 2,500 people, they manage a massive flow of communication and documents across 48 states and the District of Columbia. While they had a few dependable machines with them for years, they faced the challenge of staying on top of the latest technology to accommodate their increased productivity and accuracy needs.
"When you go with Lineage, you get great products and you work with great people who support those products.”
Jim Fetters, Manager of Mail and Records Center, Kansas City Life Insurance

The Problem

Handling an immense volume of mail is a significant challenge.

According to Jim Fetters, Kansas City Life Insurance’s Mail and Records Center Manager, the headquarters processes between 140,000 to 160,000 pieces of mail every month, including billing statements, marketing tools, informational packets, regular correspondence, coverage alerts, and more.

Such a fast-paced, high-volume department demands a system that ensures accuracy and efficiency in managing and sending communications to agents and customers.

The Solution

Lineage Accelerate stepped in with a robust solution, introducing high-volume IS-6000 mailing systems that integrated seamlessly with the company's existing accounting setup.

Capable of handling up to 300 letters per minute, these mailing systems simplify mail processing, reducing the time and effort required for manual sorting and postage cost tracking.

Additionally, the company implemented EMS postage accounting software, providing a clear view of each mailed item and its associated costs directly from the computer, promoting better tracking and accountability.

“We mail a lot of different things from a lot of different departments,” said Fetters. “Having that kind of access and up-to-date information is critical to me from both an operational standpoint and a financial one."

He continued, "My department provides the postage upfront for all our departments, and then we recoup the amount spent at the end of the month from each of those departments for cost allocation purposes. We have over 700 off-site offices that we mail to, so tracking is very important to us.”


System Spotlight

Quadient IS-6000 Postage Meter Mailing System

The IS-6000 mailing system offers web-enabled, commercial volume postage payment solutions, designed based on the feedback of Quadient customers for ease and efficiency. It's equipped with an intuitive 15" touch screen that provides web access to a range of services and apps for flawless mail and parcel delivery, all while ensuring accurate postage pricing. It's lightning-fast processing speeds and automated functionality will save you money and streamline your business communications.

The Results

The reliable service and practical solutions provided by Lineage Accelerate have simplified the mailing process and enhanced overall productivity and accuracy.

But, the combination of advanced technology and personalized support has enhanced more than performance metrics and customer satisfaction. Lineage’s hands-on approach has fostered a sense of value and trust within the Kansas City Life Insurance teams. 

“The folks at Lineage do a great job,” said Fetters. “They’re there for me and my team when we need them. And as importantly, they always treat me like a valued customer.”

two people going over people for kansas city life insurance
"They’re there for me and my team when we need them. And as importantly, they always treat me like a valued customer."


Lineage Accelerate’s mailing solutions have played a crucial role in improving the operational efficiency of Kansas City Life's mail processing.

Their blend of innovative technology and dedicated support has helped meet the demands of high-volume mail management, ensuring smooth and effective communication across the organization.

“When you go with Lineage, you get great products, and you work with great people who support those products,” added Fetters. “They’re very hands-on, and they take care of you.”

It's that attention to personal service that keeps Lineage and companies like Kansas City Life at the forefront of their respective industries.