Enhancing medical billing efficiency with intelligent mailing solutions
Industries: Medical & Healthcare, Software
Presented By: Lineage Accelerate
Post Modified: October 6th, 2023


MedEvolve, a provider of medical billing services for physician practices, faced a challenge in efficiently processing and mailing over 150,000 separate medical statements and letters each month.
They distributed business-critical documents for more than 300 facilities across the U.S., so their document handling and mailing strategy required a rapid and reliable solution to ensure timely medical billing for their clients.
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“The folks at Lineage are always willing to go the extra mile.”
Tessa Stigall, Vice President of Client Services, MedEvolve

The Problem

MedEvolve's critical challenge revolved around the time-sensitive nature of their document distribution.

Machine downtime and address irregularities posed significant threats to their operations and promise for timely medical billing, putting both MedEvolve’s reputation at risk and to the medical practices relying on their services.

MedEvolve found themselves at a crossroads. This intricate preparation of business-critical communications and document handling was notably exacerbated by the pressing need for accuracy, reliability, and security in the realm of sharing private health information.

In addition, a previous provider's declining dependability and commitment forced them to need an alternative solution.

The urgency required, coupled with the imperative to maintain a swift turnaround time, necessitated a shift toward a more strategic—and reliable—solution.

The Solution

Tessa Stigall, Vice President of Client Services at MedEvolve, sought a reliable mail provider and discovered Lineage Accelerate.

Impressed by Lineage's local presence and comprehensive understanding of their needs, Stigall was particularly appreciative of Lineage's approach. They facilitated a site visit to another satisfied customer's facility, allowing MedEvolve to witness Lineage's envelope inserting systems and intelligent addressing and document management software in action.

Lineage proposed a solution that involved processing variable documents through software for address validation and intelligent marking to keep multi-page statements together. Furthermore, Lineage ensured MedEvolve would receive maximum postal discounts. They equipped MedEvolve with a DS-200i folder/inserter for bulk work and a DS-90i for smaller runs. Output Management Software (OMS) allowed MedEvolve to choose between electronic and physical copies, ensuring scalability.

***Quadient’s DS-200i has since been replaced with the improved DS-700 iQ, and the DS-90i has since been replaced with the robust DS-95i. Quadient’s Output Management Software has since been replaced with Quadient Impress. Impress offers variations in capability and purpose through its platforms Impress Automate, Impress Distribute, and Impress Invoice.***


System Spotlight

Quadient DS-700 iQ Folder Inserter

When dealing with variable documents, the DS-700 iQ guarantees precision and reliability. It's equipped to handle the intricacies of medical billing, where accuracy is paramount. The Automated Insertion Management System (AIMS) meticulously verifies and calibrates each document, ensuring that they are inserted into the correct envelope without errors, every time. No more missed or double feedsjust seamless, error-free document preparation.

The Results

The introduction of Lineage's equipment marked a substantial improvement for MedEvolve.

Their productivity significantly increased, and service reliability improved, fostering a sense of trust and security in their partnership with Lineage Accelerate.

Tessa Stigall noted, "It's made us 100-percent more efficient. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about Lineage. They have great products, great people, and they're always willing to do what needs to be done. With our business, statements have to be sent out at a very specific time. We promise a two-business day turnaround, so having the assurance that our machines are going to be dependable is a really big deal for us. The folks at Lineage are always willing to go the extra mile."

"It's made us 100-percent more efficient. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about Lineage."


The partnership between MedEvolve and Lineage Accelerate has resulted in significant document workflow and outbound mailing improvements.

Through workflow automation, intelligent machines, and software solutions, MedEvolve achieved remarkable efficiency in its document distribution. Lineage Accelerate's support and reliable equipment have empowered MedEvolve to meet their clients' needs promptly and with confidence.

A sales professional at Lineage's Little Rock office emphasized, "We know our customers, and we appreciate the pressures they're under. We believe in our products, and we know the many ways they can help organizations be more efficient and do more with less. It's what we do."

MedEvolve's success story with Lineage Accelerate underscores the transformative impact of streamlined document processing and mailing solutions on the medical and healthcare industry.