Dependability is a significant part of MedEvolve’s client offerings. The company provides revenue cycle management services, medical practice analytics, and practice management software used by medical facilities and doctors’ offices around the country that helps with scheduling, processing insurance claims, writing prescriptions and more.
Case Study: MedEvolve
Industry: Healthcare Technology
Service(s): Lineage Optimize & Lineage Accelerate


One of MedEvolve’s services for physician practices is medical billing. If the client so chooses, it can have MedEvolve print, fold, stuff and mail medical statements and letters.

In fact, MedEvolve produces over 150,000 separate mailings each month for more than 300 different facilities across the U.S. every day. They receive a number of files from these clinics and offices containing billing information that needs to be processed quickly.

Given the time-sensitive nature of these mailers, mail machine downtime and address irregularities are simply not acceptable – to MedEvolve or the physician practices they serve. When another provider made it plain that neither their machines nor their technicians were as dependable as they had been in the past, it was time for a change.

“The folks at Lineage are always willing to go the extra mile.”
Tessa Stigall, Vice President of Client Services, MedEvolve


Tessa Stigall is MedEvolve’s Vice President of Client Services. It’s her responsibility to make certain that the company’s clients are happy with their partnership with MedEvolve. Her search for a new mail provider led her to Lineage. She liked that they were local, and she appreciated the attention paid to helping her understand not simply the solutions available, but why those solutions would be a good fit.

“Lineage took us on a site visit with one of their other clients so that we could see the equipment in action and talk to those who were using it. To be able to get another customer’s perspective was hugely beneficial,” Stigall said. “I know they say these machines work, but there I was able to get a customer’s perspective. Any time we can stay local and know we are going to be taken care of, that’s a great thing.”

Jody Keene is the General Manager of Lineage’s Little Rock office. He was thrilled to be able to show Stigall and her team just how the right equipment – and the right service – could make a measurable difference.

“We showed them a solution that would take their multiple documents and run them through software that cleans up/validates the addresses and also applies intelligent marks to make certain that multi-page statements all stay together,” he said. “Plus, we could help ensure that they got the maximum postal discounts available to them.”

Lineage outfitted MedEvolve with a DS-200i folder/inserter that would be used for the bulk of the work. A smaller, equally dependable DS-90i also calls MedEvolve home now as a back-up and a unit perfect for smaller runs. Alongside both, Output Management Software lets users determine which recipients get electronic copies of their statements and which get physical copies. Scalability is key.


For Tessa Stigall, the new equipment has been a huge improvement over their previous provider’s machines. Higher productivity has been paired with more reliable service, along with the peace of mind that comes from a welcoming, ongoing relationship.

“It’s made us 100-percent more efficient,” she said. “Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about Lineage. They have great products, great people, and they’re always willing to do what needs to be done. With our business, statements have to be sent out at a very specific time. We promise a two business day turnaround, so having the assurance that our machines are going to be dependable is a really big deal for us. The folks at Lineage are always willing to go the extra mile.”

For Keene, that sort of response is what makes being part of the Lineage team so gratifying.

“We know our customers, and we appreciate the pressures they’re under,” he said. “We believe in our products, and we know the many ways they can help organizations be more efficient and do more with less. It’s what we do.”