First served in the quaint coastal North Carolina town of New Bern in 1893, Pepsi Cola has become an iconic American brand. The same can be said for Frito-Lay, which originated in 1932.
Case Study: PepsiCo
Industry: Food & Beverage
Service(s): Lineage Optimize & Lineage Accelerate


Since the two companies merged in 1965 to become PepsiCo, its growth has only continued. Today, there are more than 19,000 employees as part of the family. In addition to its namesake soft drink, some of its other brands include Lay’s, Tropicana, Gatorade and Quaker Oats.

From daily routines to vendors used, “consistency” is a part of any organization’s successful plan. Finding a winning formula and sticking with it is what drives achievement. There are many reasons why an organization might stick with a particular vendor over a number of years. Outstanding product selection and exceptional customer service are hopefully at the top of that list. Sometimes, though, it’s simply a matter of comfort. But like anything else in life, stepping outside that comfort zone can be not only refreshing, but incredibly rewarding.

Before switching to Lineage, PepsiCo’s Customer Service Center office in Winston-Salem, NC had used a large national mail machine and folder/inserter vendor for a number of years. As fans of consistency, their long-term relationship with the vendor created a sense of comfort and easy familiarity. The idea of change wasn’t even a thought – until they took an engaging look at Lineage’s pricing and then experienced its service firsthand.

“What’s impressed me is that they’ve always been willing to go above and beyond; they’ve stepped up and do whatever is needed to be done.”
Theresa Fleming, Facilities Coordinator, PepsiCo


Theresa Fleming is the facilities coordinator at PepsiCo’s Customer Service Center. She has long recognized the value of not just great products but also the peace of mind that comes from knowing there’s a dependable team behind them.

“The biggest thing for us is reliability and professionalism,” she said. “When equipment is affordable, that’s great. When it’s up and running, you’re good to go. But as soon as it’s down and you need help, that’s where that reliability becomes so important. That’s been one of the most outstanding parts of our relationship with Lineage. We can trust them to be there for us and make decisions with us in mind.”

Since 2013, PepsiCo’s Customer Service Center office has switched from that previous vendor to Lineage. Their first piece was a DS-200i folder/inserter, followed thereafter by data quality software from Krengel Technology that allowed them to manage their print runs to eliminate duplicates and purge bad addresses. Then, on Valentine’s Day 2017, the office installed its new IS-6000 mailing machine with dynamic scale, which boasts speeds up to 300 letters per minute.

Fleming estimates that her office sends out about 13,000 to 15,000 pieces of mail each month. These are pricing lists, franchisee communications, billing correspondences, marketing pieces and even accounts receivable notices. Efficiency and accuracy are essential.

“The machines we have from Lineage are priced right, they’re dependable, and they help my team of three to be confident in our work,” said Fleming. “And the Lineage techs, when they do need to come out, are fantastic.”


"We took a holistic approach with PepsiCo,” said Lineage CEO Richard Williams. “We looked at the quality of their data, their stated ambitions and their production cycles and expectations. From there, once we had looked at the entire picture, we were able to determine a mix of products that would deliver on their expectations. That completed the circle.”

When it comes to her work, Theresa Fleming is focused on doing things right. Her straightforward approach meshes nicely with the dedication and commitment to excellence that is Lineage.

“Their products have been received well, and they’ve stood up to what we’ve needed them to do,” she added. “What’s impressed me most is that they’ve always been willing to go above and beyond; they’ve been willing to step up and do whatever is needed to be done. Everything that we do is driven by time restraints; it’s rewarding to work with a company like Lineage that understands those parameters.”

“So many companies are reticent to change because they’re just used to something. It’s comfortable, or they’re afraid of what they don’t know,” said Williams. “Change can be daunting. In this case for PepsiCo, experiencing what was possible through Lineage’s vision got them excited and opened them up to thinking about change for the better.”

Lineage and PepsiCo share a passion for performance. For both, building on a history of success while looking forward to tomorrow are complementary ideas.