Salem Distributing (Salem Fabrication Technologies Group)

Salem Distributing (Salem Fabrication Technologies Group)

Simplifying high-volume mail processing with innovative solutions and dedicated support
Case Study: Mailing Systems
Industry: Manufacturing
Presented By: Lineage Accelerate

Post Modified: December 7th, 2023


Salem Fabrication Technologies Group (formerly Salem Distributing) is an employee-owned entity with a global presence and hubs in Winston-Salem, Toronto, and Los Angeles.
The company is renowned as a worldwide distributor of fabrication tooling, supplies, and machinery, and serves four distinct but complementary industries – glass, stone, vision (for optical and ophthalmic), and advanced surfacing (for optics, solar, aerospace, and other specialized uses).
woman smiling in warehouse for salem distributing case study
“For so many years, it’s just been great service and dependability.”
Tina Church, Salem Fabrication Technologies Group (formerly Salem Distributing)

The Problem

Although Salem serves superior solutions and service to various industries, its accounts payable department was stuck in a labor-intensive and time-consuming manual process.
Their mail volume consisted of invoices and statements to roughly 2,300 customers and vendors. The AP department’s nine team members in Winston-Salem, NC vividly recall having to fold items and stamp them by hand. It was an unsustainable model that slowed down productivity and created a bottleneck to the company’s efficiency and growth.

The Solution

Lineage Accelerate evaluated the department's processes and modernized its mailroom with fresh technology.

They outfitted Salem Distributing (now Salem Fabrication Technologies Group) with the IN-700 Mailing System, a mid-volume mailing system built to excel in demanding mail centers. The machine processes up to 140 letters per minute with a weigh-in motion scale, a 30-lb. platform scale, and reliable sensors that detect dimensions to ensure compliance with USPS Shape-Based Pricing requirements.

Additionally, Lineage supplied a DS63 Folder/Inserter. The DS63’s barcode reading technology guarantees that documents reach their correct destinations, enhancing document security and integrity.

In addition to making the process smoother and more efficient, the equipment increases postage accuracy. That’s especially helpful given that Salem mails out more than 1,700 items each month.

***Quadient’s IN-700 has since been replaced with the advanced iX-7 mailing system.***

ix7 mailing system

System Spotlight

Quadient iX-7 Mailing System

Enhance your business's productivity and brand image with the iX-7 Series mailing system. This cutting-edge solution ensures seamless mail processing at remarkable speeds, saving you time and boosting operational efficiency. Stay compliant effortlessly while enjoying cost-saving opportunities and simplified online management tools. Elevate your brand with personalized logos and messages, all while ensuring uninterrupted operations with ink management alerts. Experience the efficiency and professional touch that the iX-7 Series brings to your mailroom.

The Results

The technological overhaul has significantly increased Salem’s mailing capacity and precision, reinforcing its standing as a leader in providing innovative and quality products.

The upgraded equipment has enabled the company to keep pace with the demands of today’s market while maintaining its commitment to excellence.

“We’ve had Lineage equipment for such a long time; I don’t like to remember what it was like before,” said Tina Church, who works in Salem Distributing’s Winston-Salem office. “For so many years, it’s just been great service and dependability. I can’t express how integral these machines have been to helping us do outstanding work.”

salem distributing case study
Everyone at Lineage has been so supportive over the years.


By embracing Lineage Accelerate’s sophisticated mailing systems, Salem Fabrication Technologies Group (then Salem Distributing) has fortified its operational capabilities, paving the way for a smoother, faster, and more reliable mailing process.

“It’s all about service,” said Church. “When you do what we do, and you need the machines to do what they do, reliability is huge. We get that from our Lineage products, and it’s made a big difference. That, and the people are just so friendly. I enjoy talking with them. They’re always ready to help, and these days you notice things like that.”

The partnership between Salem and Lineage continues to thrive, grounded in a mutual pursuit of innovation and exceptional service. Salem’s investment in cutting-edge equipment reflects its dedication to quality and efficiency, ensuring the company remains at the forefront of its industry.

“Everyone at Lineage has been so supportive over the years,” added Church. “They keep in touch with us on a regular basis and are always asking if we’ve got everything we need.”

Times may change. Processes may change. What doesn’t change is our commitment to doing things the right way — and always exceeding expectations