A seamless transition from traditional operations to outsourced innovation
Industries: Publishing, Media
Presented By: Lineage Connect & Lineage Accelerate
Post Modified: November 2nd, 2023


Lineage Connect elevates Carson-Dellosa’s operational efficiency through strategic outsourcing.
Carson-Dellosa, a respected educational publisher based in Greensboro, NC, has a longstanding relationship with Lineage, relying on their products for folding, stuffing, and mailing over 6,000 invoices monthly. Despite the solid foundation of Lineage Accelerate equipment, Carson-Dellosa grew to need a more efficient solution to manage its robust invoicing processes, especially during peak operational periods.
carson dellosa case study with Lineage Connect
“It’s worked wonderfully, and I would recommend other companies inquire with Lineage should they be in search of an outsourcing solution.”
Susan Powell, Credit Manager, Carson-Dellosa

The Problem

During their busiest times, Carson-Dellosa's credit department faced substantial pressure, requiring significant time investment to manage invoicing.

Each week it took the combined efforts of a number of team members and up to as many as four hours at a time, taking away from other important operational and financial needs of the business.

For several years, the company utilized Lineage products to fold and stuff their 6,000 invoices every month, along with a postage machine to mail them out. But the manual process had reached a point where it impeded operational flow and team focus, creating a need to explore more streamlined, outsourced solutions.

“We are always busy and pulled in a lot of different directions,” said Susan Powell, Credit Manager for Carson-Dellosa. “Even though we had worked with Lineage for a number of years and loved their products and service, we were going to go in another direction because we really needed to outsource some of that work to free up our staff to do other things.”

The Solution

But Powell and her team needed more than just any outsourcing solution; they needed a trustworthy partner to maintain the exceptional quality control they had established.

As an existing partner, Lineage President Rich Williams saw Carson-Dellosa’s predicament as an opportunity to present another one of Lineage’s convenient, timely solutions: a comprehensive outsourced print-to-mail strategy with Lineage Connect. 

Lineage Connect’s capabilities meant Carson-Dellosa could securely transmit invoice files and leave the meticulous tasks of adding barcodes, printing, inserting, and mailing to Lineage’s dedicated team. Williams explains, “They send the invoice file to a secure website. From there, we run the file and add a barcode to each invoice to ensure the multiple-page documents stay together. Then, we print, insert, and mail all their invoices.”

This solution also meant cost savings for the company, as it eliminated the need to invest in specialized invoicing software. Furthermore, it allowed the department to recalibrate priorities, freeing the internal team to focus on other essential operational areas.


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The Results

Implementing Lineage Connect’s outsourced print-to-mail solution marked a significant operational transformation for Carson-Dellosa.

The new approach allowed the internal team to focus on other essential business aspects, fostering an environment for enhanced productivity and efficiency. 

“It’s been great for us,” said Powell. “It just takes invoicing completely out of our hands. Everything is handled electronically and goes through their Kansas City office. Lineage even found an envelope vendor to work with for me, so they took that off my plate as well.”

For Carson-Dellosa and Powell specifically, the ability to continue working with Lineage was one of the best parts of the outsourcing solution. “This new arrangement has fostered an even greater working relationship,” added Powell.

Beyond the process enhancements, the fortified relationship with Lineage continues to be characterized by trust, reliability, and a mutual commitment to quality and precision. And while outsourcing their invoicing to Lineage Connect made sense, Carson-Dellosa continues to utilize Lineage Accelerate products for their remaining internal needs.

“We have the equipment we need for daily needs, and we have the outsourcing capability on top of that. It’s worked wonderfully, and I would definitely recommend other companies inquire with Lineage should they be searching for an outsourcing solution.”

carson dellosa case study with Lineage Connect
This new arrangement has fostered an even greater working relationship.


Lineage Connect’s capable handling of Carson-Dellosa's invoicing process underscores the power of a trusted partnership and innovative problem-solving.

“It’s a part of who we are as a company to be able to offer diverse solutions,” said Williams. “Our focus is not only on building great working relationships but on helping them grow. Business needs change over time, and we’re happy to be flexible enough to roll with those changes. Outsourcing allows us to help even more clients, no matter where they’re based.”

In the journey from a manual, in-house approach to a sophisticated outsourced solution, both companies navigated the transition seamlessly, reinforcing the adaptability and value inherent in their longstanding partnership.