Carson-Dellosa is an educational publisher located in Greensboro, NC. The company sells books, games and other educational supplies to stores nationwide and to individuals via their website,
Case Study: Carson-Dellosa
Industry: Publishing
Service(s): Lineage Optimize & Lineage Accelerate


For a number of years, the company utilized Lineage products to fold and stuff their 6000 invoices every month, along with a postage machine to mail them out.

During the company’s busiest time of the year (June-September), that task would require the combined efforts of a number of team members in Carson-Dellosa’s Credit Department. Each week, that could take up as many as four hours of time.

“We are always busy and are pulled in a lot of different directions,” said Susan Powell, the company’s credit manager. “Even though we had worked with Lineage for a number of years and loved their products and service, we were going to go in another direction because we really needed to outsource some of that work to free up our staff to do other things.”

For Lineage’s Rich Williams, Carson-Dellosa’s predicament was an ideal opportunity to introduce Powell and her team to another of Lineage’s convenient solutions: outsourcing.

“It’s worked wonderfully, and I would recommend other companies inquire with Lineage should they be in search of an outsourcing solution.”
Susan Powell, Credit Manager, Carson-Dellosa


Lineage’s capability to help with all sorts of business-critical communications is a vital service for a wide range of companies.

Powell and her team needed more than assurances; they needed to feel confident that in taking advantage of any outsourcing option, they could entrust that partner to maintain the exceptional quality control they had established.

“Basically, they send the invoice file to a secure website. From there, we run the file and we add a barcode to each invoice to ensure that the multiple-page documents stay together,” said Williams. “Then, we print, insert and mail all their invoices. It takes our team in Kansas City about an hour to do that for Carson-Dellosa’s roughly 1,500 invoices every week.”

While Carson-Dellosa still has a number of Lineage products, they save not only time but money by not having to purchase the software necessary to run their invoices themselves. For companies of a certain size, outsourcing to Lineage makes sound financial sense.


“It’s been great for us,” said Powell. “It just takes invoicing completely out of our hands. Everything is handled electronically and goes through their Kansas City office. Lineage even found an envelope vendor to work with for me, so they took that off my plate, as well.”

For Carson-Dellosa and Powell specifically, the ability to continue working with Lineage was one of the best parts of the outsourcing solution. “We got rid of some equipment when we stopped doing the invoicing, and on the whole this new arrangement has fostered an even greater working relationship,” added Powell.

“We have the equipment we need for daily needs, and we have the outsourcing capability on top of that. It’s worked wonderfully, and I would definitely recommend other companies inquire with Lineage should they be in search of an outsourcing solution.”

“It’s a part of who we are as a company to be able to offer a myriad of solutions,” said Williams. “Our focus is not only on building great working relationships, but in helping them grow. Business needs change over time, and we’re happy to be flexible enough to roll with those changes. Outsourcing allows us to help even more clients, no matter where they’re based.”

More time. Smart money. Smoother work. For Carson-Dellosa, Lineage helps provide options that educate and always exceed expectations.