For more than 40 years, FamilyLife has been an organization offering guidance and spiritual outreach to American families. In fact, since its founding in 1976, it has helped more than two million people strengthen their marriages and family relationships by offering help and hope.
Case Study: FamilyLife
Industry: Non-profit
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In an effort to keep its audience informed and grow its flock, FamilyLife regularly sends out a variety of mailings.

Among these is a regular newsletter. Prior to 2005, the original 12" x 18" monthly newsletter was sent off to an off-site graphics company to format, trim and ready for mailing. As the organization's mailing list grew, so did the cost of this off-site production work.

Seeking a way to lessen expenses, FamilyLife leaders decided to look for a way to bring some of that work in-house. The company knew that finding the right partner would be about more than locating and adopting the right equipment; it would be about finding a business that mirrored its own commitment to doing things the right way.

"Lineage's commitment to delivering exactly what we need - every time - has always made them a go-to resource."
John Treadway, Mailroom Supervisor, FamilyLife


John Treadway is the mailroom supervisor at FamilyLife. He's been with the company for more than 25 years and well understands the value of aligning with the right partner. It is, after all, like a marriage; it's a matter of commitment.

"I had used Lineage for a while, so I knew they were a company we could depend on," said Treadway. "In 2005, we worked with them to acquire a fully automatic Triumph 4850 paper cutter. It has a digital display for precise back gauge positioning and exceptional safety features. Its electric blade and clamp drive make my job easy."

Treadway and his mailroom team used the paper cutter for the newsletter, as well as trimming flyers sent out to various addressees.

"It's designed so that an operator needs both thumbs to operate the machine. That, combined with the pedal feature, makes it incredibly safe to use," added Treadway. "Thanks to its hydraulic punch, I can cut an entire ream of paper if need be."

It's a winning partnership.


With only a few days' exception in more than 13 years, the Triumph 4850 has delivered seamless success for FamilyLife. Perhaps its biggest accomplishment has been its ability to give the organization back a sense of control. What the paper cutter does - and when it does it- is now an internal decision.

Having the state-of-the-art paper cutter in-house has also helped FamilyLife realize incredible financial savings. Treadway cited an internal study the company did after the first year of its usage that showed a $20,000 savings versus depending on their former external partner. Extrapolated over 12+ years, and those savings only get more impressive.

"Lineage's paper finishing solutions offer a number of great tools, and the Triumph has been a triumph for us, definitely," added Treadway. "It's saved us money, continues to save us time, and always delivers a clean finished product. Lineage's commitment to delivering exactly what we need - every time - has always made them a go-to resource."

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