Industrial Paper Cutters: Proven Partners for Success

March 14, 2018
Industrial Paper Cutters: Proven Partners for Success

It’s probably never occurred to you that an electric paper cutter could help someone’s marriage. How’s that, you ask? Bear with us here. Doing the things that matter – the hard work – is seldom the kind of thing that gets the spotlight. People love their sports, for instance, but they’re mostly not interested in watching exhibition games, or watching weight training, or any of the other beyond-the-field efforts that go into building a champion.

No matter what the endeavor, it’s the behind-the-scenes, daily get-up-and-try tasks that make overall success possible. It happens in sports. It happens in business. It even happens in marriages. And in all of those “arenas,” sometimes a little extra help can make all the difference.
FamilyLife is an organization that offers counseling for couples and families – those who are working hard to make things right, but might need a little guidance along the way. The organization offers individual and group discussion, seminars and even online content at their website. A monthly newsletter goes out to subscribers with pertinent articles and other useful information.

Given the nature of what we do at Lineage, we understand the importance of working hard, in the background, to help organizations succeed. We’re happy to do that for a whole host of different companies and organizations, including FamilyLife. Since 2005, we’ve supplied FamilyLife with an ideal paper cutter; the Triumph Ideal 4850-95EP, to be exact.

A High-Performance Partnership
John Treadway has been with FamilyLife for more than 25 years. In that quarter century, he’s seen a lot of change. As the company’s mailroom supervisor, he well understands the value of aligning with the right partner. It is, after all, like a marriage; it’s a matter of commitment. Treadway and his mailroom team used the paper cutter for the newsletter, as well as trimming flyers sent out to various addressees.

“The Triumph 4850 has a digital display for precise back gauge positioning and exceptional safety features. Its electric blade and clamp drive make my job easy,” he said. And while he understands forward and back the technical advantages of the machine, it’s the impact it’s had on his daily work that’s been the most rewarding.

“It’s about convenience, ease of use, and being able to save money. Those three things are very important,” added Treadway. “Our people print out a newsletter on a 12″ by 18″ sheet of paper. We cut it down to the appropriate size. It saves on printing and paper costs. We also print flyers that we hand out at our conferences, or flyers that they’re going to send through the mail. With this machine, I can cut an entire ream of paper at the same time. That’s huge.”

Treadway noted that FamilyLife saved about $20,000 in the first year they did their paper cutting themselves. Not having to outsource it saved a lot of money and gave them a better sense of control about the outcome of their efforts.
Growth in Learning

What helps make a marriage last is faith in yourself and your partner. It’s very much the same with a business partnership. For real success to take place, both parties have to be able to trust one another and know that they have the other’s interests in mind at every stage of the relationship.

Good business is about trust, respect and learning to understand each’s others needs and language. At Lineage, that’s what we have in mind when we talk about being there for our customers. Over time, the work we do reveals the commitment we keep. We’re thrilled that FamilyLife shares that passion, and lives it every day.

It may “just” be a paper cutter to someone on the outside. But FamilyLife’s John Treadway knows that it’s about so much more than that. Growing into that reliable partnership – and keeping it lasting – has been a boon for FamilyLife. It’s about growing together.
That’s a vow worth keeping.