Discover WTS: The New Inbound Tracking Software

March 25, 2019
Discover WTS: The New Inbound Tracking Software

Is your business receiving more and more inbound receivables and parcels by the day? An increase in inbound package volume can quickly become a time-consuming task. Not to mention, the probability that packages may be lost increases as well.

WTS (Web Tracking Software) may be just the right solution for you. Whether it’s in receipt, transit or delivery, Neopost’s WTS System allows users to track inbound parcels, packages, and receivables with software in real time.


• Simplify the process by tracking internal movements of assets •


There’s a Solution for Everyone
Whether you’re a single, small location or an Enterprise with multiple locations,
WTS is designed for businesses of all sizes.



Flexible Hosting Options
WTS offers both cloud-based and on-premise software solutions –
WTS is tailored to meet your needs and business requirements.



Track More Than Just Parcels
WTS can track ANY incoming receivables you have
including office supplies, equipment, tools, software licenses, etc.


Find Exactly What You’re Looking For Instantly 
WTS allows you to better manage your processes and
simplify visibility, right from your desktop or mobile device.