Parcel Lockers: Your New Inbound Mail Solution

April 23, 2019
Parcel Lockers: Your New Inbound Mail Solution

With the continuous surge of new digital technology and communications, the mail industry has seen a significant shift in the type of mail delivered. Where letters used to make up the bulk volume of incoming mail, packages now hold the number one spot. Consumers can order nearly anything online and have it delivered: car parts, groceries, new furniture, etc. “Global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021.“*

Since online shopping has skyrocketed, both the size and shape of inbound parcels has increased significantly. This, of course, creates a new challenge for many mail rooms: how can they efficiently both store and distribute all these inbound parcels? Enter intelligent parcel lockers, a smarter, effective way to manage larger volumes of inbound mail.

So What Are Parcel Lockers?

THE WHAT – Electronic parcel delivery lockers offer a safe, secure and convenient solution for university campuses, commercial spaces, retail stores, apartment and multifamily communities. Parcel lockers accept packages from friends, family and eCommerce shops through any postal courier system. With a secure turn-key system, lockers reduce the risk of lost or stolen packages and can be configured to meet specific needs (indoor, outdoors, etc.)

THE HOW – Upon delivery of the parcel, the recipient will receive a notification with a code specific to the locker their parcel was placed in and the receipt can then pick the parcel up on their own time, anytime.

THE WHY – Parcel lockers aid in reducing the vast amount of time spent sorting and distributing parcels in addition to reducing the demand on the mail room staff.