Skip the Post Office: Neopost ADVANCED Shipping Software

May 15, 2019
Skip the Post Office: Neopost ADVANCED Shipping Software

It’s time to take your mail room experience to a whole new level. Look no further than NeoShip ADVANCED. Compatible with IS/IM and IN-series mailing systems, NeoShip ADVANCED has you covered for all of your most demanding shipping needs.

NeoShip ADVANCED streamlines the process of shipping domestic and international parcel using an intuitive single screen interface. Listed below are 5 reasons NeoShip ADVANCED could be the best solution for your business.

Need even more reasons and detailed information? Skip ahead to the end of this post for a free downloadable PDF. 


Minimize Delivery Time
Everyone loves to get their packages on time. With the fastest delivery feature, NeoShip analyze’s each carrier’s schedule and displays the one that offers the quickest delivery time.

Save Time and Money with Rate Shopping
NeoShip ADVANCED compares shipping rates between carriers (USPS and FedEx). It identifies the lowest cost of getting your parcel to its final destination.

Apply Free Insurance on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express Items
Being able to save a little change always helps. Receive up to a $50 value and $100 value respectively.

Create Reports for Additional Analysis
This feature is great for account/department charge back, understanding shipping trends and postage expenses.

Eliminate Manual Entry of Addresses
Say goodbye to manual entry errors! Save time and avoid potential errors attributed to manual entry. Import up to 10,000 address to the Public Address Bool and up to 1,000 addresses in the Private Address Book.

These are just a few of the many ways in which NeoShip ADVANCE can elevate and improve your mailroom experience. Download the free PDF below for more information.