5 Ways to Increase Mailroom Productivity

June 5, 2019
5 Ways to Increase Mailroom Productivity

Mail has changed in a myriad of ways, but its importance within any successful and thriving organization is still the same. Almost every facet of a business involves communicating information in some form . The mailroom could be considered the heartbeat in a company’s communication efforts with customers, suppliers and employees. It is imperative that mail processes stay up to speed and integrate digital workflows in order to maximize efficiency and send mail in a timely manner.

The accuracy and speed with which invoices, reminders, marketing campaigns, statements, proposals and contracts are processed can have a major effect on most every business activity. Here we provide 5 ways in which you can maximize mailroom efficiency in our ever-evolving digital world.




Manual processes dramatically decrease mailroom productivity. Time spent stuffing envelopes, opening envelopes and collating content could otherwise be delegated to other top priority tasks. Watch for the areas such as these where processes can instead be automated to free up useful resources and time.



Sometime less truly is more when it comes to operating a successful business. Do you notice any areas where multiple processes can be combined? Instead of using multiple mailroom machines to divvy up tasks, could you benefit from larger machine that centralizes all the tasks in one fell swoop?


Software Application

Software expands the capacity for process simplification and integration. Can you increase communication speed with electronic generation and distribution of invoices and important statements? Or magnify your advertising campaigns by utilizing output management software to customize communications to customers?


Solution Integration

Thanks to technology, most modern mailing equipment is  modified to create integrated solutions that eradicate the need for multiple units. Think about whether some tasks that are typically separate can be combined in order to create a seamless, cohesive workflow.


Mailroom Design

Mail operations involve a considerable amount of repetition. This can create more opportunity for human error. It is imperative to implement a mailroom design that both accommodates staff and maximizes operation workflow. With the optimal furniture specialized for a mailroom space, you can boost morale and provide a valuable resource to aid in benefiting overall mailroom performance.