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Transforming campus package management with intelligent parcel lockers
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Post Modified: September 28th, 2023


High Point University, founded in 1924 in High Point, NC, has grown from its humble beginnings to a sprawling campus with over 122 buildings and nearly 4,600 students today.
The university faced a significant challenge in managing the influx of packages due to the changing expectations of students, who value convenience and quick deliveries. High Point University sought a solution that would streamline package management and meet the evolving needs of its students.
"Having the parcel lockers takes out an extra step for those living off-campus. It also reduces both the workload and financial burden and simplifies processes."
Sharon McCanless, Mail Center Manager, High Point University

The Problem

High Point University's Mail Center was confronted with the challenges of managing package overflow and keeping up with the demands of a growing student population.

With 1,400 students located off-campus, an expansive 500-acre campus size, and the rise of online shopping, the need for a convenient, efficient, accessible, and reliable package delivery system became evident.

The difficulty of doorstep deliveries compounded frustration for students as they had to navigate the process of retrieving packages from a crowded and inefficient mailroom, often resulting in delays.

High Point University recognized that to maintain its commitment to providing a superior student experience, they needed to create the appropriate space for it and provide a seamless method for students to pick up their items. The university needed a broad, innovative solution that would address package traffic growth and lower foot traffic while ensuring a positive experience for students.

The Solution

A Lineage Accelerate sales professional collaborated with Mail Center Manager, Sharon McCanless, to find a solution that would resolve High Point University's package management challenges.

After researching her options, McCanless chose Lineage Accelerate, in partnership with vendor Neopost (now called Quadient), to implement Packcity Intelligent Parcel Lockers (now called Parcel Pending, smart indoor parcel lockers, by Quadient).

Packcity Parcel Lockers (or Parcel Pending lockers) are intelligent electronic lockers that securely store packages and offer 24/7 access. This automated system reduces the risk of lost packages, provides comprehensive tracking information, including electronic notifications for package pickup, eliminates the need for re-delivery, and reduces labor costs for the University Mail Center. The lockers were strategically placed at a popular off-campus student housing center, streamlining the delivery process and reducing the workload on the mail center.

"Having the parcel lockers takes out an extra step for those living off-campus. It also reduces both the workload and financial burden and simplifies processes," McCanless commented.

System Spotlight

Parcel Pending, By Quadient

Parcel Pending Intelligent Lockers were integral to the package management at High Point University. These contact-free lockers, managed via a mobile app, prioritize accessibility with ADA-compliance and enhance security with photo capture and optional video surveillance. Their versatile, customizable design streamlines deliveries, optimizing space and branding for a comprehensive solution. They also integrate seamlessly with other software systems.


The Results

Since the installation of the smart parcel lockers, High Point University's Mail Center has experienced a significant decrease in package storage within the mailroom.

This reduction removed the need for immediate mailroom expansion to accommodate the growing parcel traffic, and lessened the congestion of students when picking up their items.

The installation of Packcity lockers was a successful step towards enhancing the efficiency of the High Point University Mail Center, and brought a welcome change to their overall student experience.

"As with any institution, you want to plan for growth," McCanless stated. "With nearly 4,500 packages processed this year, we can only expect that number to increase as we expand our campus and capacity for new students. I always say to work smarter, not harder, and the parcel lockers are a great example of that."

high point university installed parcel lockers
"We have truly entered into a great partnership with Lineage Accelerate."


High Point University's partnership with Lineage Accelerate has revolutionized its package management system.

The implementation of Packcity Intelligent Parcel Lockers not only streamlined package delivery but also lightened the workload on the Mail Center and eliminated the need for immediate expansion. With Lineage Accelerate, High Point University found a reliable partner dedicated to delivering excellence in package management services, setting a new standard for efficiency and convenience.

"Our previous vendor was unreliable and often hard to reach, not to mention all the hidden fees and charges. We have truly entered into a great partnership with Lineage Accelerate."

Now, High Point University is serving its students with excellence by providing a seamless and efficient package management and pickup experience that aligns with the institution's growth and the evolving needs of its student population.