High Point University

High Point University

High Point University in North Carolina faced the challenge of package delivery to over 4500 students.
Case Study: High Point University
Industry: Education
Service(s): Lineage Optimize & Lineage Accelerate


When High Point University opened its doors in 1924, the university employed only 9 faculty and a mere 122 students.

Fast forward to today, the beautifully landscaped campus has expanded to over 122 buildings, 300 full-time faculty, and nearly 4,600 students. Due to this exponentially vast growth, High Point University’s Mail Center was challenged with emerging trends and package overflow.

Currently, 1,400 students are located off campus. Due to the demands of higher education, students value convenience, time, and flexibility. In today’s society, students have the ease of online shopping and ordering with deliveries to their door in less than 48 hours. Therefore, High Point University’s Mail Center was faced with meeting the challenging demands of growth as well as the evolving needs of their students. Growth and the changing expectations of students lead to discussions of mail center expansion to meet the demands of package traffic. The university was determined to find a beneficial solution for both their students and mailroom.

"We have truly entered into a great partnership with Lineage."
Sharon McCanless, Mail Center Manager, High Point Univeristy


Sandra Peters-Licardi, a Lineage Sales Professional, met with Mail Center Manager, Sharon McCanless, at High Point University to analyze the need and research the opportunities available for the University to remain on the cutting edge of the package delivery landscape.

McCanless used her 5 years of experience with High Point University to collaborate with Peters-Licardi on possible solutions that would address the universities challenges. After reviewing the different options in the marketplace, McCanless was convinced Lineage was the answer. She partnered with Lineage and their vendor Neopost, to design and install the newest innovative parcel sensation: PackCity Parcel Lockers.

Intelligent Parcel Lockers are automated electronic lockers that securely store packages. The lockers can be conveniently accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The automated electronic system reduces lost packages, provides complete tracking information including electronic notifications for package pick-up, eliminates re-delivery attempts, as well as, reduces labor for the University Mail Center.

The lockers are centrally located at a popular student-housing center right off-campus. The move to a central location provided a lean methodology approach and bypassed the need of having the packages come to the Mail Center. Packages are processed as they arrive and are immediately sent out to the parcel lockers.

“Having the parcel lockers takes out an extra-step for those living off-campus. It also reduces both the work and financial load and simplifies processes,” McCanless said.

Convenience at its best!

Since the parcel locker installation, the High Point University Mail Center has experienced a sharp decrease in package storage in the mail center. Thereby, reducing the need to expand the mailroom to accommodate increased parcel traffic. The lockers provided a successful step in the right direction and moved the High Point University Mail Center forward.

“As with any institution, you want to plan for growth,” McCanless said. “With nearly 4,500 packages processed this year, we can only expect that number to increase as we expand our campus and capacity for new students. I always say to work smarter, not harder and the parcel lockers are a great example of that.”

As for the new partnership with Lineage?

“Our previous vendor was unreliable and often hard to reach, not to mention all the hidden fees and charges. We have truly entered into a great partnership with Lineage.”

Now that is serving with excellence.