7 Ways Folder Inserters Improve the Workspace

February 28, 2020
7 Ways Folder Inserters Improve the Workspace

If you’re familiar with the process of hand-stuffing envelopes, then you know it can slow down workflow efficiency. And of course, give you hand cramps. If this sounds like your office, maybe it’s time for a new solution. Here we list 7 ways a Folder Inserter can improve your work space.


1. You can stuff envelopes 10x faster.
    • Instead of taking the whole day, wouldn’t it be nice to have all you invoices, materials and statements assembled in under an hour? Our folding machines can sort, stuff and seal envelopes much faster than any pair of hands (or several pairs).


2. You can save money using a folder inserter.
    • Whether you’re a small business dealing with a bootstrap budget, or much more established with  heavier workload, a folding machine investment makes for a solid ROI. Less money spent on productivity and labor costs = saving hundreds that can be allocated to other facets of the business.


3. You don’t need an IT specialist to set it up.
    • Outfitted with intuitive software, folding machines are user-friendly.  A local Lineage service rep will install your machine and have the new shiny office toy up and running in no time. And thanks to the large touch screen and guided set up, anyone can use it!


4. You can save TIME by using a folder inserter.
    • Time is an invaluable commodity. Businesses of any size can benefit from extra-time accrued when they shift from manual envelope stuffing to a folder inserter. In some cases, that means 8 hours – an entire workday! Installing a folder inserter can give you extra hours to focus on more top-priority tasks.


5. You can fold any type of mail.
    • C-Fold? Check. Accordion? You bet. No fold at all? Of course it’s possible. Our folding machines can handle all type of document sizes and textures and you can bet they’re tested beforehand.


6. You can fold and seal more tan 1,300 envelopes PER HOUR.
    • Yes, we mean 60 minutes. Our folder inserters have automatically-adjusting multiple paper feeders and envelope stackers so you can program a job to your exact specifications. No more giving up your lunch hour or conference call to worry about organizing the mail.


7. You don’t need to stuff anymore. Plus, there’s some cyber security.
    • Take the leap and make manual stuffing (and hand cramps) a thing of the past. Our folder inserters use barcoding technology to avoid manual folding errors, putting your customers’ super personal data in safe hands.


For more information on our floder inserters, please visit https://trustlineage.com/envelope-inserting-systems/#