Neopost is now Quadient.

March 4, 2020
Neopost is now Quadient.

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Welcome to Quadient


Official on February 24, Neopost is now operating under the name Quadient. It is important to note that Neopost (now Quadient) has not been bought out. They are simply moving forward to keep up with the-ever changing market.

This new branding strategy reflects the company’s growth as well as the desire to highlight the customer experience that has become increasingly digital, personal and connected. The unification under a single, fresh and globally recognized brand drives home the company’s dedication to sustainable growth and new innovative solutions to the delight of our customers.

Quadient helps you connect with your customers, across varying channels with a focus on four key solutions: Customer Experience Management, Business Process Automation, Mail-Related Solutions and Parcel Locker Solutions. Lineage will continue to refine these 4 key solution areas to ensure we are meeting and exceeding the expanding needs of you, our valued clients.


As part of the transition to Quadient, newly-updated W-9s can be found here. 

Feel free to contact your local Lineage representative if you have further questions.