Nativity Of Our Lord

 Streamlined processes make way for greater impact 

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Post Modified: August 16th, 2023


Nativity of Our Lord Roman Catholic Church, and its subsidiaries, became more efficient and connected by streamlining processes using multi-function printer technology.

Founded in 1905, Nativity of Our Lord is a Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Buffalo, NY. And it’s far more than a church. The church also supports a cemetery, school, and parish. The Nativity School teaches Pre-K through 8th grade, while the church simultaneously hosts events and religious councils. Nativity of Our Lord is a fixture in the local Orchard Park community, and their plate is full with nearly 1,500 Nativity School students, staff, and regular church members. 

"This whole process has been more of a family experience. We don’t feel like just another customer."
– Timothy Redinger, Business Manager, Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church

The Problem

Nativity of Our Lord had many outdated machines. 

Although the ministries of Nativity of Our Lord (also known as NOOL) had kept pace with the needs of their parish and community, NOOL had many outdated machines – from a technology standpoint. Specifically, they often experienced a gap between the school’s printing needs and the technological resources available. In addition, they received minimal tech support during critical times. 

With so many facets to their operation, NOOL recognized the need to bring their technology up to speed with the continued expansion of the church and the school. Meanwhile, NOOL also hoped to remain budget-conscious while enhancing services. 

The Solution

Business Manager, Timothy Redinger, has focused on improving business assets and relations since his first days in the role.

Redinger partnered with Lineage Optimize Sales Professional, Matthew Cook, to analyze the best solutions to streamline their processes. “I was originally approached by Matthew and, over time, built a relationship with him and Chris Owens at Lineage. Working with a Christian-centric business made this process much easier.”

Lineage Optimize offered solutions including various models from the Konica Minolta i-Series to achieve high-quality performance and additional capability to integrate cloud services equipped for both efficiency and security. NOOL found the Konica Minolta C300i and C360i Multifunction Printers to be top-tier solutions for simplifying their business needs.

In addition to the wireless access capabilities to current machines located in the parish, the bizhub i-Series provides an intuitive interface, making it easy for staff members to learn the necessary controls. These holistic solutions filled in the connectivity gaps and created a user-friendly environment for the printing needs of the parish and school.


System Spotlight

Konica Minolta Multifunction Color Printer

The Konica Minolta bizhub c360i was integral to solving the process and connectivity gaps that Nativity of Our Lord struggled with in their parish and school.

The Results

The parish’s four new multifunction printers created new compatibility between the school and parish.

Staff no longer spend extra time searching for a functioning printer, and the quality of document output has improved. “Since streamlining all our devices, everyday tasks have been simplified. The entire environment has become more centric,” says Redinger.

Lineage Optimize introduced i-Series printing technology into the parish, cost-effectively streamlining NOOL’s devices. The next-generation technology of the C300i and C360i has proven highly functional and reliable. And, thanks to innovative cloud technology native to these devices, the ability to streamline their processes makes for a more efficient - and more connected - business environment.

"Since streamlining all our devices, everyday tasks have been simplified. The entire environment has become more centric."


What does Timothy Redinger think since linking up with Lineage?

When asked about his experience since linking up with Lineage, Redinger emphasized, “It’s been great, and their response time is fast. This whole process has been more of a family experience. We don’t feel like just another customer.”

At Lineage, we’re committed to old-school values and forward-thinking solutions. And we’re here to streamline and empower your business or ministry operations. Let us show you how.