What Is The Best Printer For My Business?

August 30, 2022
What Is The Best Printer For My Business?

The best printer for your business can help your company save time and money.

So many businesses spend too much time and money using printers that aren’t the best for their business. They may need a multi-functional printer instead of an individual printer, copier, scanner, or fax machine. Others may need a printer that can handle banners, advertisements, and larger paper.

Lineage offers a range of printer and copier machines for any business. Read on to find out what type of printer may be best for your business.


The 4 Best Printers For Your Business


Multi-Function Printers

What Is A Multi-Function Printer?

A multi-function printer (commonly abbreviated as MFP) combines the functionalities of a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine into one piece of equipment. This makes them great for small, medium, and even some larger-sized businesses.

Benefits Of A Multi-Function Printer

  1. Can reduce your printing costs. These are one of the best printers because it combines many machines into one, which means you don’t have to buy as many machines. It also reduces energy use as you only have to power one machine instead of four.
  2. More efficient. Multi-function printers save time and energy because people only have to go to one space. They can also perform multiple functions while they are there.
  3. Wireless connectivity. You won’t have unsightly cables running all over the place with a wireless printer. Plus, you can print documents right from your phone! Connecting these devices to the Internet is also fairly easy to do.
  4. Better document management. It’s easier to manage documents when they all flow to one place. With an MFP, you can operate with more security, visibility, and compliance. This tends to also reduce personal use of your printer by your staff.
  5. Easy to use. Your staff only has to learn how to use one interface, cutting down on wasted time and frustration.

Disadvantages Of A Multi-Function Printer

The main disadvantage is if there is a malfunction with the system, you can’t use any of the functions. 

Who Are Multi-Function Printers Best For?

Multi-function printers are best for just about any business out there. You can use them for a variety of tasks, they don’t take up as much space or energy as individual machines, and your staff can easily learn how to use one.


Single-Function Printers

What Is A Single-Function Printer?

Single-function printers do one thing very well: print! Depending on the type you choose, it might only print in black-and-white. However, several color models are available and affordable.

Benefits Of Single-Function Printers

  1. Lower cost. Since they only print, single-function printers tend to cost less than other types of printers.
  2. Compact size. These are great printers for smaller areas because they don’t need a lot of room.
  3. Easy to use. Since they only print, they’re the easiest type of printer to learn how to use.

Disadvantages Of A Single-Function Printer

Their advantage is also their disadvantage: they can only print. You’ll need to use other machines to copy, scan, and fax.

Who Are Single-Function Printers Best For?

Single-function printers are best for smaller businesses and home offices. They won’t take up much room and they won’t break your budget.


Wide Format Printers

What Is A Wide Format Printer?

A wide format printer is the best printer for printing large documents and images. The maximum paper roll needs to be between eighteen inches and one hundred inches for it to be considered a wide format printer.

Benefits Of Wide Format Printers

  1. Higher quality images. Wide format printers are known for the quality of the images they produce on the surface you are printing on. You’ll love how each image looks professionally done.
  2. Higher speed printing. These are the best printers for businesses who need to print large images and items, such as graphics and advertisements, quickly and efficiently. This can give you a higher rate of completion for jobs.
  3. Saving money. Printing in-house is typically less expensive than outsourcing. If your company’s budget doesn’t allow for outsourcing services yet, then using a wide format printer in-house may be more cost-effective for your production.
  4. Print on a larger number of surfaces. You can print banners, posters, and more, on papers such as flat, glossy, semi-gloss, and more. It’s even possible to print on surfaces such as fabric and tile if you need to!

Disadvantages Of A Wide Format Printer

Like with single-function printers, this type of printer only does what it’s meant to. It does it extremely well, but you can’t normally print normal-size documents and images.

Who Are Wide Format Printers Best For?

These types of printers are ideal for businesses that provide services that involve large image processing or for businesses that do signage in-house.


Digital Production Press

What Is A Digital Production Press?

A digital production press is a printer that can handle large-scale printing. Businesses often use them for direct mail, packaging, publishing, and to meet other high-volume printing needs.

Benefits Of A Digital Production Press

  1. Reduce your printing costs. You’ll save money in comparison to traditional printers. This means not having to worry about printing or film plates. They’re also less costly to set up.
  2. Automatic color and image control. This means you don’t have to worry about image or print quality when dealing with large volumes of documents and images.
  3. Improve your turnaround time. Some digital production presses can print 140 pages per minute! This means you can turn around jobs more quickly, meaning you can bring in more projects and make more money.

Disadvantages Of A Digital Production Press

This mostly dives into the pros and cons of digital printing versus screen printing. Overall, if you need to print at a large volume, this is the best type of printer for your business.

Who Are Digital Production Press Best For?*

A digital production press is the best printer for businesses that need to continuously print a high volume of documents or images. Many can process over three million pieces a month! Depending on your needs, you can get a model that prints in black-and-white or in color.

*Digital production presses are really only suited for print service providers. Normal businesses don’t need one for high-volume document and image printing.


Improve Your Printing Using Lineage’s Printers

The wrong type of printer will cost your business time and money that you don’t want to waste. This is why getting the best printer for your business is extremely valuable.

If you want to save costs, improve your document management, and give your staff an easier time, get the printer you need from Lineage!