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Enhancing patient experience, document security, and service resolution: dermatology practice upgrades printing systems and discovers “unsung heroes” in their dedicated service technicians
Industry: Medical & Healthcare
Presented By: Lineage Optimize
Post Published: August 8th, 2023


Western New York Dermatology handles hundreds of sensitive documents a week for their clients.

The 11 providers and 76 employees of this full-service dermatology practice operate out of 2 large back-to-back office buildings in Williamsville, NY, and service over 400 patients a day. As a medical office, they constantly communicate with other offices and insurance companies regarding patient medical records and private health information. After months of frustration with their previous printer provider taking weeks to fix their printer problems, they turned to Lineage Optimize as a forward-thinking solutions partner. Their goal was to improve their office and document workflow and security, and to reduce their printer downtime.
Dermatology patient smiling at doctor
“Since working with Lineage, even though we were great.... we became awesome. Lineage has grown with us and is always looking for solutions to our problems.”
Hillary Diegelman, Lead Patient Coordinator, Western New York Dermatology

The Problem

Western New York Dermatology was frustrated with the service department of their previous printer provider.

Between their two office buildings, office personnel used a number of print, copy, scan, fax, and mail machines for their daily responsibilities and customer interactions. They struggled to get the machines to work together, connect seamlessly, and function optimally.

Their service provider didn’t help them in the way they needed, either. When their mailing and printing equipment would break down, Hillary Diegelman, Lead Patient Coordinator, had to contact different departments to get certain technicians out for each machine. “When I would call to place a service request, they would transfer me from one department to the next,” she said. “There was a lot of passing the buck, and it would take weeks sometimes to get someone out.” To make matters worse, the fixes didn’t last long.

Quick response in their working relationships, smooth customer processing and resolution, and security of their documents were imperative for their daily operations. Yet, because their technicians weren’t fixing their problems for weeks, they were unable to adequately provide printouts or distribute important medical information for their 400+ daily patients. It negatively impacted their business-to-business communication and overall customer experience.

Employees spent so much time waiting on machines to be fixed that they weren’t able to focus on the care and service of hundreds of patients, not to mention the pressure it added on the practice providers to get medical documents and records out in a timely and secure manner.

The Solution

When lease renewal approached for Western New York Dermatology, Hillary wanted to explore options that would lessen their frustrations. 

Lineage Optimize Major Account Executive, Jim Migliaccio, had been in communication with Hillary for some time on improving their office systems and technology. 

“Jim talked with us for a while about the printing solutions that Lineage could offer,” Hillary said. “We liked what he presented, equipment and pricing-wise, so we set a meeting when the end of our lease was coming up.” 

Jim listened to Hillary describe the type of performance needs in their business, and proposed a custom solution based on Konica Minolta’s line of bizhub all-in-one and multifunction devices. The combination of multi-functional products would resolve a multitude of client communication, document distribution, and printing process issues. Konica Minolta’s award-winning information security infrastructure also provided assurance that their clients’ private health documents and medical records would be safe and compliant. 

He also shared that Lineage has a service and maintenance guarantee for a response time of less than 4 hours for all Lineage customers, and that their service scope would include work done on both printers and mailing machines. Western New York Dermatology would get its own team of dedicated service technicians assigned to its account, too, to fulfill the guarantee. 

Hillary and her team loved knowing they could have printing machines that were thoroughly secure, reliable, and modern, and that the solution promised to handle their patient volume. They were even more thrilled to have a responsive service team at their fingertips. 

product image of konica minolta bizhub 5020i printer

System Spotlight

Konica Minolta All-In-One Printer

The Konica Minolta bizhub 5020i is a smaller desktop printer that assists a larger equipment fleet of almost 15 machines. All units work together in harmony to ensure the success of WNYD’s powerhouse printing solution.

product image of konica minolta bizhub 5020i printer
The Konica Minolta bizhub 5020i is a smaller desktop printer that assists a larger equipment fleet of almost 15 machines. All units work together in harmony to ensure the success of WNYD’s powerhouse printing solution.

The Results

Just when Western New York Dermatology’s previous machines were completely failing them, Lineage Optimize had their office systems integrated and functional for immediate, improved use. 

From the time they decided to go with Lineage Optimize, it took less than 2 months to order and install their new and improved system. With their new printing solution and partnership in place, and their apprehension about operational downtime lifted, Hillary is beyond satisfied with their decision to go with Lineage Optimize. If something does go wrong with their functionality, Hillary doesn’t worry that they will have to wait long for their issue to be resolved. 

“We have the same two service technicians that we work with, and they’re both amazing. They’re friendly and knowledgeable on everything. Not just on the printers, but on the mail machines too. We love the continuity of it,” said Hillary. 

The improved communication lines with patients, other practices, and insurance companies have made it easier to create a positive client experience and more efficiently run the day-to-day responsibilities of the business. With many of their office workflow issues now resolved, their office is certain that Lineage Optimize will have a solution tailored to work best just for Western New York Dermatology. 

“Jim has been awesome in helping find solutions and is very forward-thinking. We know Lineage will always take care of us!” 

Patient at a dermatologist appointment having the skin on her arm examined
“The service techs at Lineage are the unsung heroes.”


The dermatology office grew, and now has 15 machines across its offices (with the potential for new or upgraded units as needed).

This large fleet of multi-functional devices consists of both powerful, high-processing units, and smaller, supporting machines throughout. Together, they work in harmony as an integrated document, communication, and printing system that smoothly produces and fulfills the evolving needs of the business.

Now, Western New York Dermatology is running its internal and external printing operations as seamlessly and effectively as ever. After looking to Lineage Optimize for a printing solution, they’re confident that they found more than that: they found a reliable all-in-one workflow solutions partner.

Being able to efficiently and securely provide sensitive documents to their clients and medical associates is one thing they know they can count on as they cultivate their client base. “Since working with Lineage, even though we were great.... we became awesome. Lineage has grown with us and is always looking for solutions to our problems.” Hillary continued, “With Lineage, everyone is super willing to go the extra mile.

“The service techs at Lineage are the unsung heroes,” Hillary concluded. With that at the forefront of their experience, the team at Western New York Dermatology excitedly shares with others what it looks like to partner with a print technology company that truly checks all the boxes - on paper and in person.