Catholic Cemeteries of Buffalo

Cohesive, up-to-date printing systems enhance efficiency and service delivery during critical times for families
Industry: Membership Organizations
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Post Published: October 12th, 2023


Catholic Cemeteries of Buffalo, with 45-60 team members spread across six locations, supports numerous families with burial and pre-arrangement services.

Working closely with multiple funeral directors weekly, they sought to streamline and modernize their printing processes to enhance efficiency and service delivery during critical times for families.
group of people holding each other in church for grieving
Lineage is thorough and upfront from the start, delivering what they promise.
Gregg Prince, IT & Operations Manager, Catholic Cemeteries of Buffalo

The Problem

Across six locations, the organization struggled with various printing technologies from different manufacturers, leading to a lack of continuity and operational cohesiveness.

Each office had unique capabilities with no standardized equipment, resulting in operational challenges and inefficiency. The organization relied heavily on paper documentation, from contracts to index cards, with individual printers at desks contributing to clutter and disorganization. Gregg Prince, IT & Operations Manager, recognized the need for a unified, modern solution to bring the organization's operations into the 21st century.

The Solution

Since partnering with Lineage in the fall of 2020, Catholic Cemeteries of Buffalo has experienced a significant transformation in its printing operations.

Prince recalls spending a month or two examining options and getting quotes from other vendors, but says that Lineage was the easiest to work with.

Lineage conducted an in-depth analysis of the organization's needs and challenges, ultimately providing a fleet of cutting-edge Konica Minolta printers (BH4000i & C360i models) that offer consistent and advanced capabilities across all offices.

This cohesive solution streamlines the printing process and fosters an environment where staff can seamlessly transition between different locations without facing learning curve delays.


System Spotlight

Konica Minolta bizhub 4752

The Konica Minolta bizhub 4752 stands as an invaluable, high-volume multifunction printing solution, perfectly aligned with the demands of modern networked workflows. It has the impressive capability of delivering up to 50 pages per minute in black and white, and a remarkable resolution of up to 1200 dpi.

The advanced Emperon print system and the convenience of a dual scan document feeder combine to boost both printing and scanning productivity. Its wireless connectivity and user-friendly touchscreen operation make it a versatile asset, adapting seamlessly to diverse needs.

It's one of many Konica Minolta bizhub printing systems used at Catholic Cemeteries of Buffalo.

product image of konica minolta bizhub 5020i printer
The Konica Minolta bizhub 5020i is a smaller desktop printer that assists a larger equipment fleet of almost 15 machines. All units work together in harmony to ensure the success of WNYD’s powerhouse printing solution.

The Results

Implementing the new printing systems was smooth and swift, and completed in just two weeks, thanks to Lineage’s efficient scheduling and support.

With uniform technology across all locations, the staff found the systems easy to learn and use.

The new equipment offers invaluable features like digitization and online delivery for scanning documents between offices, reducing reliance on mail for customer and vendor communication. The organization also eliminated redundant equipment like fax machines and associated phone lines, as the multifunction printers provided by Lineage cover these functionalities

Prince emphasized, "Lineage saved us money and simplified our operations."

holding old woman's hands while grieving
Lineage saved us money and simplified our operations.


The streamlined, modernized printing solutions delivered by Lineage Optimize brought operational cohesiveness and empowered Catholic Cemeteries of Buffalo with the tools necessary for efficient and cost-effective service delivery.

Prince concluded, “Lineage is thorough and upfront from the start, delivering what they promise.”

Gregg Prince expressed his utmost satisfaction with Lineage’s exceptional service and prompt support. “I was surprised by and appreciated the level of service they provide in a world where most of us expect delays in help,” he noted. “I have been very impressed since working with Lineage.”