USPS New IMI Implementation Guidelines To Ensure IMI Compliance In 2024

November 10, 2023
USPS New IMI Implementation Guidelines To Ensure IMI Compliance In 2024


USPS New IMI Implementation Guidelines To Ensure IMI Compliance In 2024

Navigating USPS New Mailing Indicia Regulations to Ensure IMI Compliance

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is introducing new Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) compliance regulations that could significantly impact your business. To ensure IMI compliance, we will explore the history of the mail barcode certification, the significance of IMI certification, its implementation timeline, and the consequences of non-compliance. We’ll also provide a detailed guide on how to become IMI compliant and discuss how Lineage can assist you in this process.



History of Mail Barcode Certification to Ensure IMI Compliance

Information-Based Indicia Program (IBI):

To understand the USPS’s new IMI compliance regulations and to ensure IMI compliance in 2024, it’s crucial to understand the history of mail barcode certification. The Information-Based Indicia Program (IBI) was introduced in 2009 as a way to enhance mail processing and tracking.

Over the years, the USPS introduced multiple updates and requirements to IBI certification to improve mail efficiency and security. However, with the advancement of technology and the need for more accurate, efficient, and secure mail processing, the USPS is now transitioning to a new IMI certification.

Understanding Indicia Barcode Technology on Mail

An indicia is a printed graphic that gets imprinted on an envelope in place of a standard stamp or metered postage. An indicia barcode is a unique, machine-readable code printed on mailpieces. This barcode encodes essential information about the mail, such as postage payment, class of service, and other relevant data. The indicia serves as a digital fingerprint for the mailpiece, enabling automated processing and tracking.

The USPS is shifting to Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) technology by replacing the existing Information-Based Indicia (IBI). IMI represents the next step in postage meter and PC postage evidencing technology.


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What Is IMI Compliance? And Why is it Happening?

The Intelligent Mail Barcode

The Intelligent Mail barcode, also known as the IMb, is a 65-bar Postal Service barcode utilized to sort and track letters and flats. This barcode is printed on envelopes, typically near the recipient’s address. What makes the IMb technology stand out is its ability to encode up to 31 digits of mailpiece data into 65 vertical bars using a 4-state symbology.

The 65 bars encode a string of 31 digits, which are divided into two parts: a 20-digit tracking code and an 11-digit routing code (when required). This coding allows for precise tracking and sorting, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of mail processing.

Barcode Functionality

It’s important to note that barcodes, including the Intelligent Mail Barcode, are primarily used by USPS to automatically sort mail down to each individual mailbox. These barcodes also play a crucial role in providing tracking information and facilitating address correction. However, they are not used for postage payment.

Security Enhancements with IMI Technology

The transition to IMI technology is not solely about improving efficiency but also about enhancing security. IMI technology provides users with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 security, recognized both within and outside the United States as the most up-to-date security standard. This security standard ensures the protection of sensitive mailpiece data and safeguards against tampering and fraud.

With enhanced security standards, IMI technology not only benefits postal services by improving their efficiency but also provides senders and recipients with a more secure and reliable mail communication experience in today’s digital world.



Understanding USPS IMI Requirements

The USPS is implementing this change to keep up with technology, improve accuracy, tracking, and efficiency in mail processing, and to offer enhanced security standards. It’s necessary for any business that sends out mail using a postage meter to be IMI compliant to avoid regulatory issues or disruption in operations. You will need to purchase or lease a machine that uses IMI technology for mailing and metering operations.

Benefits of USPS IMI Compliance

The USPS stands to benefit significantly from IMI compliance. IMI technology makes mail processing faster and more accurate, employing improved tracking and delivery confirmation. It also helps the USPS control and automate back-office costs, resulting in lower postage costs for consumers. Additionally, it improves federal regulatory compliance standards, enhances postal service security, and provides added protection to customer data.

What Does IMI Compliance Mean For Me?

The benefits of the new IMI compliance standard will reflect as lower and more accurate postage costs (so no more rate miscalculations), faster and more transparent financial data processing (such as with refunds), and a greater guarantee that your mail will get where it needs to go.


When Do the IMI Compliance Regulations Take Effect?

Transition Timeline to Ensure IMI Compliance:

By June 30th, 2024, IBI machines will be decertified, marking the beginning of the transition. On July 1st, 2024, the new IMI compliance regulations will officially come into effect. By December 31st, 2024, all IBI postage meters will be withdrawn from service—meaning they will be shut off—to permanently ensure IMI compliance.


What Happens If You’re Not IMI Compliant?

Consequences of Non-Compliance and Not Ensuring IMI Compliance in Your Business:

Non-compliance with IMI regulations can have severe consequences. Your postage meter will be shut off, rendering you unable to meter and send your business mailings. This can also lead to delayed or misrouted mail, damaging your business’s reputation and customer satisfaction.


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How You Can Become IMI Compliant And Ensure IMI Compliance

Step 1: Assess Your Current Mailing System to Ensure IMI Compliance

Start by assessing your current mailing system to see if it utilizes IMI compliant technology. If it does, you’re on the right track. If not, additional steps are required to ensure IMI compliance.

Step 2: Choose an IMI Certified Vendor to Ensure IMI Compliance

Select a reputable IMI certified vendor to ensure IMI compliance. Partnering with an experienced vendor is essential as they can provide the necessary hardware and expertise to meet IMI certification standards.

Step 3: Upgrade Your Systems to Ensure IMI Compliance

Collaborate with your chosen vendor to upgrade your systems, including installing new hardware and configuring equipment to meet IMI certification specifications. Your vendor has done the legwork to ensure compliance, applying with the post office for certification, testing the equipment, and being validated by USPS.


Becoming IMI Compliant to Ensure IMI Compliance

By following these steps, you’ll successfully become IMI certified. Remember that this transition represents a significant investment in the efficiency of your mail processing and the satisfaction of your customers as a whole.


How Lineage Can Help Ensure IMI Compliance

Expert Guidance to Ensure IMI Compliance

Lineage offers a team of experts to guide you through the entire process, from the initial assessment to achieving full IMI compliance. We understand the complexities and nuances of IMI certification and are here to support you every step of the way to guarantee you meet all regulations.

Comprehensive Solutions to Ensure IMI Compliance:

Our IMI compliance solutions are tailored to meet your business’s specific needs to ensure IMI compliance. We provide you with the necessary hardware and software, making sure your systems are up to the required standards. Additionally, we offer ongoing support to keep your operations running smoothly.


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Enjoy the Benefits of IMI Compliance

With Lineage by your side, you can take full advantage of the benefits that IMI compliance offers. Your mail processes will become more efficient, your mailings more accurate, and your customers will receive their deliveries on time, leading to improved customer satisfaction and less operational hurdles.


Ensuring IMI Compliance

The USPS’s upcoming IMI compliance regulations are a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of technology and efficiency in the world of mail processing. Understanding the history of mail barcode certification, the significance of IMI certification, its implementation timeline, and the consequences of non-compliance is vital for businesses that rely on postage meters and mailing systems to prepare and deliver their outbound business-critical communications.

With a clear roadmap on how to become IMI compliant and the expert assistance of Lineage, businesses can successfully navigate the transition to IMI compliance and continue to enjoy more seamless and secure mail processing. Be ready for the future of mail with Lineage, where your success is our priority. Contact us today for a complimentary strategy session and get your free roadmap to success.