A manufacturer's strategic shift to advanced mailing and document management solutions
Industry: Manufacturing
Presented By: Lineage Accelerate
Post Published: November 16th, 2023


Snap-on is known for designing, manufacturing, and marketing high-quality tools and equipment used by professionals in various industries, such as automotive, aviation and aerospace, agriculture, construction, and manufacturing.

They provide products to shops and businesses around the globe, serving a diverse clientele from small family businesses to industry giants. With their diverse clientele and array of purchasing and leasing options, Snap-on is responsible for efficiently distributing thousands of invoices and statements daily, both in print and digital formats. They turned to Lineage Accelerate to eliminate redundant mailroom tasks and turn their focus to critical accounts.
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We couldn’t be happier with Lineage and their products and solutions to our ever-changing needs.
Josh Calaway, Credit Collections Manager for North and South America, Snap-on

The Problem

Josh Calaway, Snap-on Credit Collections Manager in Conway, AR, managed all of North and South America for the company’s equipment division.

He needed the most optimal solution for distributing critical documents to their global customers effectively. In addition to their high mail volume, format variations increased the mailroom and outbound processing burden. “We deal with a wide array of business needs, serving Mom and Pop shops to Teslas to Walmarts,” said Calaway.

His team faced the challenge of meeting varied customer preferences for invoice and statement delivery. They must deliver invoices and statements promptly and in formats accessible to each of their clients, including mail, email, or other digital means. Under these constraints, the existing mailroom operations were bogged down with repetitive tasks, causing inefficiencies and diverting resources from more critical business functions.

The Solution

Snap-on refined their mail-readiness with Lineage Accelerate’s equipment, and augmented their capabilities with versatile document dispatch software.

Snap-on installed the iX-7 Series mailing system, a robust solution designed for demanding mail centers. This advanced system can handle a mix of mail at speeds up to 140 letters per minute and features an intuitive touchscreen, offering both speed and ease of use. With its various weighing and stacking options, it meets the latest Intelligent Mail® Indicia (IMI) USPS requirements, and offers high-speed internet connectivity to save time and provide quick software updates.

To create a cohesive workflow solution, Snap-on was also outfitted with the DS-64i folder inserter. This allowed them custom configuration to efficiently and accurately assemble multi-page, variable documents, and to get documents mail-ready at high capacities. The folder inserter can also process intelligent barcodes for superior document security and integrity.

Complementing the mailing and document handling systems, Lineage Accelerate implemented Output Management Software* (OMS). This document management software gave Snap-on the powerful flexibility to dispatch invoices electronically or through physical mail, adapting seamlessly to their customer needs.

***Quadient’s Output Management Software has since been replaced with Quadient Impress. Impress offers variations in capability and purpose through its platforms Impress Automate, Impress Distribute, and Impress Invoice.***

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System Spotlight

Quadient iX-7

Enhance your business's productivity and brand image with the iX-7 Series mailing system. This cutting-edge solution ensures seamless mail processing at remarkable speeds, saving you time and boosting operational efficiency. Stay compliant effortlessly while enjoying cost-saving opportunities and simplified online management tools. Elevate your brand with personalized logos and messages, all while ensuring uninterrupted operations with ink management alerts. Experience the efficiency and professional touch that the iX-7 Series brings to your mailroom.
product image of konica minolta bizhub 5020i printer
The Konica Minolta bizhub 5020i is a smaller desktop printer that assists a larger equipment fleet of almost 15 machines. All units work together in harmony to ensure the success of WNYD’s powerhouse printing solution.

The Results

This integration significantly reduced manual mailing tasks, enabling the Snap-on team to redirect their focus to more strategic account management.

The Lineage Accelerate solutions delivered a dual benefit: cost savings and increased revenue potential by streamlining collections processes.

Calaway attests to the profound impact of these solutions, noting the substantial savings in staffing and the heightened ability of mailroom personnel to contribute to other essential business areas. “These solutions save a ton of manpower and free up the mailroom personnel to help in other areas,” says Calaway. “It’s made everyday tasks go away, enabling us to focus on other critical pieces of the business.”

Through Lineage Accelerate's mailing, document handling, and software solutions, Snap-on effectively streamlined mailroom operations, freeing up valuable personnel time. As a result, they can now focus on revenue-generating activities, leading to both cost savings and increased profitability, and empowering them to efficiently collect and make more money at the end of the day.

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Great service, great products, and an all-around good experience.


Snap-on’s experience with Lineage Accelerate has been marked by exceptional service and tailor-made solutions that resonate with their dynamic business requirements.

Calaway’s testimony underscores the professional, customer-focused approach of the Lineage team, which has provided Snap-on with their own tools to evolve and adapt: “We have been using Lineage for years. The team is very professional and customer service driven. We couldn’t be happier with Lineage and their products and solutions to our ever-changing needs.”

The partnership between Snap-on and Lineage Accelerate is a compelling example of how strategic collaboration can lead to mutual growth and enhanced operational capabilities.