Letter Opening Solutions

Empower employees and improve cash flow with our inbound mailing solutions.


Opening mail seems like such an easy task. But for many organizations, dealing with inbound mail by hand is inefficient and a waste of valuable human capital. Struggling to open the mail in a timely manner can lead to reduced productivity, as other employees need the mail to perform their daily tasks. Working to ensure contents inside envelopes aren’t damaged is critical to eliminating the need to recreate and resend original documents. And any delay in the process can impact cash flow and profitability.


The challenge is in finding the right solution for the need. At Lineage, we have a long history of helping companies optimize the process of opening incoming mail. Our proven technologies - electric letter openers & envelope opener machines - open mail efficiently which eliminates wasted resources, increases cash flow and ensures that employees have time to accomplish their daily tasks. Our solutions also ensure that the internal contents aren’t cut or damaged. The key is in the approach. We are not focused on selling certain products. We use a consultative approach to determine which solution is right to best meet your need.

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