Shipping and Receiving Solutions

“With them, it’s always been about helping us get what we need. I would definitely recommend them to others. They have solutions that work.”

– Brian Smith, Vice President of Operations, Trinity Road
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When a business is small enough, shipping and receiving is no big deal. Once a day, someone goes and gets all the incoming mail from the mailroom and takes down all the outgoing packages and letters. Shipping labels are filled in by hand, or maybe printed with a simple mail merge from Microsoft Word. As a small business grows, however, things start to get more complicated and more time consuming. Customers no longer are willing to settle for shipping times of five to six business days. They want shipping fast, and then they want tracking information so that they know where their package is at all times. That is where Lineage comes in with our shipping, mailing, and packaging services for your Liberty, MO small business.


Our Shipping and Receiving Solutions Lineup

At Lineage, we have been helping small businesses with their shipping and receiving solutions for over 33 years. We start by listening to your business needs and then helping you choose a solution that works for you today and tomorrow. Our logistics company in Liberty, MO has a consultative approach that ensures that you end up with a system that works every time without slowing you down or causing problems. With the right solutions, you can stop trying to solve the problem by hiring more people or throwing more man-hours at it. The right system can pay for itself in no time by ensuring that your shipments always go out at the cheapest rate, with the cheapest carrier, while batching and grouping orders to take advantage of bulk shipping rates. If your business is just about sending mailers and letters, we can even do that for you with our bulk mailing services in Liberty, MO and beyond.

Shipping for growing businesses is about more than just sending out packages. Incoming shipments of supplies, customer orders, and important mail needs to be tracked, cataloged, and sorted to get to the right final destination. We offer both incoming tracking systems and, if necessary, receiving lockers that can automatically track and hold incoming packages.

Contact us today and let us listen to what you need so we can help you find the right shipping, mailing, and packaging solution for your Liberty, MO business.