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Securely automate customer communications and integrate multichannel workflows that improve accuracy, delivery, and engagement

How Lineage Helps Banks, Credit Unions, Financial Lenders, Wealth Management Firms, And More In Financial Services

Better, smarter, and faster customer communication promotes their financial wellness and improves trust in your business, while streamlining account processing and optimizing your bottom line.
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At Lineage, we take a consultative approach to solving challenges in the financial services industry, enabling organizations to address their unique problems and drive innovation.

Custom omnichannel and hybrid solutions allow financial institutions to integrate and adjust hardware and software workflows that exceed operational goals and achieve real results. With intelligent inbound, outbound, physical, digital, shipping, and receiving options, our modern workflow solutions offer extensive capabilities for success.

Transform, scale, and empower business growth in financial services with Lineage as your trusted partner.

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Unlock The Power Of Omnichannel Communication In Financial Services

Future-Proof Dynamic Customer Experiences And Changing Operational Demands

Data Quality and Security

Confidence in Confidential Data Handling
Eliminate the risk of recipients receiving or accessing documents containing the private information of a different customer, ensuring your data stays compliant and secure.
Centralized Shipping and Mailing
Savings in Customization
Reduce postage and material costs with automated rate shopping and hybrid hardware/software systems, giving your operations a streamlined, cost-effective edge without compromising on reliability or speed.
Flexible Customer Communication
Tailor Messages At Scale
Improve efficiency, growth, and customer experience through flexible outbound communication and document distribution options, empowering your team to manage customer preferences and the customer journey from anywhere.

Intelligent Data Processing

Cut Prep Time, Boost Productivity

Cut document preparation time and reduce manual error, allowing your team to focus on strategic tasks, client engagement, and multichannel communications.

Digitization and Digital Document Management
Document Access on Demand

Improve team and department collaboration with cloud-based document management and workflow automation systems that create and distribute documents, track proof of delivery, and securely organize critical files.

Smart Shipping Solutions
Deliver More
Make shipping and parcel management easy and effective with intuitive tracking software that benefits you and improves customer experience.

Putting Pen To Paper, And Paper To Ink...

Common workflow applications in financial services:
Bills, Invoices, & Statements
Confirmations & Notices
Application Forms
Portfolios & Reports
Marketing Mailings
Document Digitization/Backup

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Fast equipment and sophisticated software are pointless if they don’t reliably help meet your goals faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.

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