What if you
need more than
just a product?

Mailing Software Solutions in Little Rock

The Challenge

Sending mail is still an important part of the daily operations of many businesses. Unfortunately, even the seemingly simple task of getting the lowest rate for the most appropriate form of shipping isn’t as easy as it once was. That’s why Lineage has taken it upon itself to provide Little Rock businesses with mailing equipment and software to make their direct mail marketing processes as cost effective and easy as possible.

There are more options than ever, and busy employees don’t have time to sort through it all. On top of that, it’s important to ensure all customer data remain protected and secure. You also want to make your correspondence appealing enough to entice the recipient to open it and not just throw it away, so it’s important to improve the open rate. When people receive and open your mail, the opportunity to grow your business and offer various cross-selling opportunities increases greatly. We can help make sure this is what happens with your direct mail marketing efforts in Little Rock.


The Solution

With offices serving the Little Rock area, Lineage has 33 years of experience working with mail solutions and systems. We do more than just sell mailing hardware. We work together with our customers using a collaborative approach to ensure they get the right mailing equipment. Then, we go beyond the equipment to make sure that your Little Rock business has the mailing software and services you need to make those machines as efficient as possible. When a simple mailing system is the most effective solution, we’ll make sure you get it quickly, and then get it installed properly. For more complex solutions, we can offer software evaluation, setup, and training as well. We’ll ensure that your team understands exactly how and why your system works to ensure quality deliveries. There’s nothing worse than overcomplexity bogging down operations. Finally, for clients who simply don’t have the staff to do it all, we will work with you on any necessary outsourcing.

Call Lineage today and let us show you how working together to design a comprehensive mailing equipment and software solution for your Little Rock business will improve your operations and success.