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“It’s worked wonderfully, and I would definitely recommend other companies inquire with Lineage should they be in search of an outsourcing solution.” Susan Powell, Credit Manager, Carson-Dellosa
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Effective printing to mail have become complex and hard to wrangle. Often the equipment being used is too small or lacks the functionality to handle the work load. There are growing concerns with maintaining cycle counts on printing devices. The need for larger print jobs often results in fee overages. It is becoming increasingly difficult to master ever changing USPS rules and regulations for rate discounts. There is not enough space to warehouse materials needed to print and mail nor the proper vehicle to transport the mailings to the post office. Finally, warehousing supplies of dated or obsolete printed documents has become an increasingly expensive proposition.


If only there was a partner to help print and mail most cost effectively with the least amount of headaches. Welcome to Lineage. After selling and servicing printing and mailing solutions for over 33 years, we decided we should also offer these services directly to our customers. Now, whether you have a print and mail job that you produce once a year or a job that you perform daily, Lineage offers you the ability to produce the job at the best rate, while removing the internal challenges. Our outbound shipment services for businesses have the warehouse space needed to handle and store materials needed to produce the job, USPS picks up mail every day from our climate controlled facility and our sophisticated control systems insure that we meet all USPS addressing, sorting and move update requirements. Our outbound shipment & print to mail services offer the ability to print just in time, so you don’t have to store large quantities of documents.

While many companies offer only printing or mailing services, our consultative approach allows us to evaluate whether outsourcing is right for your organization. Our approach insures unbiased recommendations.

Want to find out whether you are employing the right solution for your organization? Give us a call. Find out how our print to mail and outbound shipment services will make a difference for you.

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