The State of Mail

Navigating Mailing Systems and USPS Updates in 2024
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In this guide, we’re diving headfirst into this new world of IMI compliance. From deadlines to the nitty-gritty implications for mailing operations, we’ve got you covered. Business owners, customer communication specialists, and mailing managers everywhere, buckle in! We’re about to take a casual stroll through The State of Mail – where change is in the air, and the wind is ready to spin you on your heels. Let’s see how businesses are responding to this historic shift with USPS and what it means for the future of your mailing operations.

What To Expect From “The State Of Mail”

Packed with key industry insights, laid out simply, open the pages of this guide to find:

  • Everything you need to know about IMI compliance and USPS’s new IMI standard, including important deadlines to prevent operational downtime.
  • Considerations for transitioning to an IMI-compliant mailing system, and its future impact on your mailing operations.
  • The latest, most transformative solutions in mailing to modernize and improve your customer communication (no, you don’t have to use a postage meter!).
  • When and how to transition to a new mailing system to make it seamless for you and your team.
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