Topeka Presorting Services

Delivered mail (aka snail mail) can still be some of the most effective marketing for the right campaigns. Instead of hoping for customers to see your message on a billboard or website, mail puts your marketing message right in front of the consumer's nose when they walk to their mailbox to collect their mail. Unfortunately, paying full-price postage rates from the United States Postal Service can add up quickly. Thanks to our mail presorting and organization services offered in Topeka, you can get a big discount on postage. Presorting means that the business doing the mailing sorts the mail before giving it to the post office in bundles according to type, size, and ZIP code. By presorting the mailing with our Topeka team’s help, you save the post office time and money they would usually take sorting your mailings. In exchange, they offer a sizable discount. Even better, since mail is inducted straight into their system, your mail gets delivered faster.

Unfortunately, for small businesses based in Topeka, mail presorting and organization can be time consuming, especially when they do not have a dedicated shipping department. There’s also a minimum number of pieces required, typically 200, which is tricky for tightly targeted campaigns. Fortunately, Lineage offers presorting services in Topeka for small businesses. Once your mail is ready to go, bring it by or schedule a pickup. We’ll take it from there and handle all of the work, trays, bundling, and strapping that you normally have to do on your own. We will verify addresses and check for accuracy before your mail is delivered to the post office, so you’ll know right away how many addresses on your mailing list have issues. We can correct the addresses or return the pieces to you so you can see what went wrong. We even bundle your mail with our other clients so your campaign qualifies for the presorting discount even if it doesn’t meet the minimum!

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