3 Reasons Lineage Mailing Services is the Best Option For Your Company Mail

July 16, 2020
3 Reasons Lineage Mailing Services is the Best Option For Your Company Mail

The Hands in your Mailroom are Cramping Up…

We get it. You want to cut costs on your daily, weekly and monthly company communication mailings. What business owner doesn’t want to save every penny they can? With roots in small business, we here at Lineage understand the desire for a cost-effective AND efficient workplace. But there’s a thin line between cutting costs and cutting yourself thin. When your recurring mail operations become too much for the front desk assistant (whose also doubling as the mail clerk), maybe it’s time to look into outsourcing your mail. Here are 5 ways Lineage Mailing Services can help you take a load off in the mailroom.

LMS has the Capacity

LMS processes over 30 million pieces of mail annually. Their recent joint venture with Strahm will allow us to increase this volume. They’ve also increased their warehouse space and now have even more staff on hand to handle your mailing needs. LMS ensures your mail will be printed correctly and delivered ON TIME.

You Don’t Ever Have to Leave Your Desk

Lineage Mailing Services offers scalable and secure printing, folding, inserting, and mailing of essential mailings.  Files can be sent via Secured FTP and mailed within 24 hours of receipt.  You don’t even need to leave your office to get thousands of important mailings in the hands of your customers.

LMS Offers More Solutions for your Mailing Needs

In addition to outsourcing your mail, LMS also offers disaster recovery and presorting services. As outsourced mail is presorted and organized, addresses are verified and checked for accuracy to reduce the number of returns. And when your find your company in a pickle and need someone to get you of a jam, LMS is here for you.

Try Lineage Mailing Services Today

For more information, contact Alison Hall at alisonh@trustlineage.com. Lineage is here to help you today and beyond.