What Is Outsourced Printing? And Why Does Your Business Need it?

December 2, 2022
What Is Outsourced Printing? And Why Does Your Business Need it?

For a business to run effectively, it usually needs printed materials for marketing, networking, training, and everyday needs. Depending on the size of your company, printing in-house for large-scale projects can be costly, and often the equipment is too small or lacks the functionality to handle the workload. There are growing concerns with maintaining cycle counts on printing devices, and the need for larger print jobs often results in fee overages. 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to master ever-changing USPS rules and regulations for rate discounts. More space is needed for warehouse materials to be printed and mailed, and getting the proper vehicle to transport the mailings to the post office is difficult. Finally, warehousing supplies of dated or obsolete printed documents has become increasingly expensive. However, outsourcing printing services with Linage can save you money and a whole lot of time.



What Does Outsourced Printing Mean And How Can It Make Or Break Your Business?

Outsourced printing, in simplified terms, is when a business contracts with a third-party printer, such as Lineage, to take care of your print projects.

Lineage has been in the mail business since 1984, solving mailing, file management, printing, document storage, and other challenges. And even though we have grown to six locations, over 100 employees, and over 10,000 customers, we have remained true to our roots of high-quality file management. In that time, we have become experts, so you don’t have to be one.

Saving money is a significant factor in any business decision, and using outsourced printing services makes financial sense for companies in all sectors. You do not need to pay for in-house printers and print technologies when outsourcing your printing. Outsourced printing eliminates the need to worry about in-house printers, print technologies, and costly repairs. As a result, the cost per click when outsourcing printing is frequently lower than in-house. However, there are other benefits of outsourced printing.

Lineage allows businesses to produce the job at the best rate while removing internal challenges. Overall, outsourced printing is easier and more flexible than traditional printing, and many companies find that print outsourcing services are accessible solutions that fit their needs. You can worry about more important things than remembering to buy and restock paper and ink.

With Lineage, you can expect a higher standard of print quality from your products, and your business and your customers can expect expertise and diligence in producing the final product. And today, our “old-school” values combine with “new-school” technology and processes to help us come through for our clients whenever they need successful file management, printing, or mailing services. Additionally, Lineage’s outsourced printing can offer more options to businesses than traditional in-house printing could. Lineage currently has three service solution lineups: print to mail outsourcing, mailing services outsourcing, and disaster recovery outsourcing.


The Lineage Approach To Outsourcing Your Mail

While many companies offer only printing or mailing services, Lineage’s consultative approach allows us to evaluate whether outsourced printing is suitable for your organization. Our system ensures unbiased recommendations, and outsourced printing means your business does not need to handle faulty equipment or create your own printing products. Lineage is equipped to compose documents, print, insert, and mail them at the most cost-effective price.

Printing accurately and efficiently is critical to success in today’s business climate. Sometimes the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing print-to-mail services outweigh the benefits of keeping it in-house. 

Today, other organizations and businesses cannot efficiently process statements, invoices, and other transactional documents. Meanwhile, we can provide a great customer experience while accurately printing and sending mail at the most cost-effective price. USPS may pick up the mail earlier in the day, resulting in additional trips to the local post office or a USPS mailbox to guarantee mail is sent the same day. Additionally, returned mail has become an expensive problem for many organizations and businesses, and most expect their mail to be delivered as addressed, the first time.

After selling and servicing printing and mailing solutions for over 33 years, Lineage decided we should also offer these services directly to our customers. In 2013, we began providing print-to-mail services directly to customers. Our world-class facility in Kansas City, Missouri, processes over 45 million pieces of mail per year. Our outsourced printing is seamless, efficient, and cost-effective.


What To Expect With Your Mail Delivery

Delivering the outsourced mail is more challenging than it seems. Our vehicles pick up mail and consolidate it with surrounding businesses’ mail. Doing so provides organizations with the lowest cost for postage and eliminates runs to the post office. As outsourced mail is presorted and organized, addresses are verified and checked for accuracy to reduce the number of returns. Errors are corrected, and the mail is returned to your organization for special handling or sent out as addressed. Mail is then inducted directly into the USPS processing plant, ensuring the most efficient delivery. Seamless, efficient, and cost-effective. Our team serves clients all over Missouri and Kansas, including in Topeka.

Many organizations are unprepared for sudden and unexpected disasters. These disasters can disrupt print and mail operations, halting invoicing and other critical business communications. Unexpected interruptions like these can lead to reduced cash flow, poor customer experience, and in the worst-case scenario, business closure. 


Is Outsourced Printing The Solution Your Business Needs? 

Luckily, Lineage’s outsourced printing system is built for these unfortunate and hopefully unlikely scenarios with its disaster recovery outsourcing. Let the Lineage team help your business determine the right approach to protect your communications when disaster strikes. We come through for our customers, especially during a disaster.

Whether your business has a print and mail job that you produce once a year or a job that you perform daily, our outbound shipment services have the warehouse space needed to handle and store materials for the job. Additionally, USPS picks up the mail every day from our climate-controlled facility, and our sophisticated control systems ensure that we meet all USPS addressing, sorting, and moving update requirements. Our outbound shipment and print-to-mail services can print just in time, so you don’t have to store large quantities of documents.

Lineage’s process is seamless, efficient, and cost-effective. Contact us to find out if our outsourced bulk mailing service and postage processing is right for your business.